Metal Stem Gift Set fashionable cooking utensils full of 3 hits, one hammer, no hangouts to lemon

You can make juice to squeeze lemon and use it for cocktails etc, make citrus peel with peeler, even wear lemon juice and spray lemon juice "Metal Stem Gift Set"is.

Metal Stem Gift Set | Quirky Products

"Metal Stem Gift Set" can be inserted into lemon to make fruit juice sprayable "Stem"Added the functions of squeezer and peeler.

"Stem" which lemon can be pushed to lemon juice spray as it is when it is inserted in lemon

The following is "Metal Stem Gift Set" A set with a lemon squeezed appliance and a spray attached to a lemon. The size is 130 mm × 43 mm × 434 mm with a set of lemon drawing and peeler. Mountable spray is 94 mm × 17 mm × 21 mm. This wearing type spray is similar to "Stem".

Peelers come out when removing the lemon squeeze.

It is also possible to spray cocktails with lemon directly.

It is also possible to squeeze lemon using a squeezer.

When removing the squeezer, a peeler appeared that made lemon peel for cocktail etc easy to make.

Since five small holes are opened at the tip, thin peel can be easily created.

You can also make a large size peel using another hole.

Since it does not take up space with compact items, it seems to be usable not only as a bartender but also as a kitchen utensil. Currently it is developing and aiming for commercialization. Price is undecided.

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