I have eaten udon which changed a little with "Vine Eastern" such as cream udon and udon of tomato sauce

Not only soup udon but also curry udon to creamy udon, udon noodle udon, pasta-like tomato sauce udon, green curry-based udon etc., handling a little unusual udon "Tsuru Easy Tan"is. It is a feeling of excitement that "It is really tasty ......" just by asking, but I went to a shop and ate what it was actually like to finish.

Tsuru Easy / Kato Pleasure Group

Arrived at the Tsuru Den.

The menu looks something like this. In addition to soup stock, udon had various kinds such as curry, cream, and pan.

First of all, I will have "creamy noodle noodle (1800 yen including tax)" from the cream series.

Instrument is quite large, and it is a little surprised when udon came without prior knowledge.

The grenade is also huge, the size of the brush is about the same size as the iPhone 5.

In the middle of pure white udon, mentaiko, shrimp, scallops, Mitsuba leaves, etc. were floating.

I chose ordinary because noodles can be chosen either ordinary or narrowed, but there is a thickness as much as Sanuki udon, a texture that was quite rich. Koshi is a little weak, but since there is a volume, it may be that the chin tires when strong is strong.

Soup is close to the taste of commercial cream stew, it is mellow, so it seems to be favored by children and women.

A little spicy mentaiko and creamy soup plenty are put together well.

Under the soup was also chicken and flesh.

This is "Mentaiko noodle (1000 yen including tax)"

Mentaiko sauce is full of plenty of noodles.

Also plenty of mentaiko as a topping, so it seasoned quite dark.

Toppings are simple things like mentaiko, cucumber and chopped glue.

Because Mentaiko is involved with plenty of thick noodles, it is for people who want to enjoy Mentaiko to their heart's content.

This is "Udon noodles of tomato sauce tailoring Asari and mozzarella cheese" from the special selection of the season.

It is a tomato sauce based udon, and plenty of colorful vegetables such as rape blossoms and bean sprouts are used for topping.

The raw tomato mozzarella cheese is involved in the tomato sauce, it feels like pasta, but even when it was udon it was deliciously eaten without any discomfort.

Not only sauce, but also crispy crisp baked crispy.

Asari contains every shellfish, complete with udon tied with acidic tomato sauce and vegetables.

A little different kind of udon may be a sense of "it is not this" if it is fond of udon noodles, but there are also many tastes that can only be eaten at the shop, "This combination is so compatible" It seems to be possible.

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