How simple "how to open" the microchip and its content

There are not many opportunities to see the exposed microchip in everyday life, there is not much opportunity to see it when it becomes its contents, but how to open it for when you think "I want to see!" Is explained. Please note that it is a commentary on educational purpose and not to imitate it, but a skilled person will arrange necessary protected items (such as acid-resistant gloves and protective glasses) before it is done.

How to «open» microchip and what's inside??: ZeptoBARS

First, collect the microchips that you wanted to open, put them in a container and add concentrated sulfuric acid. Lid the container, but do not seal it so that gas can escape, heat up to 300 degrees. The white ones laying on the bottom of the picture are sodium bicarbonate to neutralize when concentrated sulfuric acid spills.

In about 30 minutes to 40 minutes, plastic is "burned" to acid and carbonizes.

It will be ok if you let it cool down. If it is still not enough, prepare concentrated sulfuric acid again and repeat the same procedure several times.

In the case that plastics do not come off inevitably, they can be removed by soaking in concentrated nitric acid warmed to 110 to 120 degrees.

For example, Kore opened by the above meansPL 2303 HX. USBRS-232CIt is a chip to be used as a converter to convert it to.

KR580VM80A(KR 580 IK 80 A) is a processor commonly used in the Soviet Union. Intel's8080It is similar to 8080A.

In ZeptoBARS you can see even higher resolution chip photos.

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