When I tried using the Lightning cable on iPhone 5 when the code glows blue during charging it became like this

When connecting the PC and iPhone 5, communication and charging will cause the cable to emit blue light "Lightning cable with built-in LED light"is. You can see at a glance whether or not it is charging even in a bright place because you can see how it is emitting light, and it becomes a fantastic atmosphere when placed in the dark.

【Compatible with iPhone 5 iPad mini iPad 4】 Charging status can be seen at a glance Lighting LED Light Built-in Lightning Cable (Lightning Cable)

You can see how the lightning cable with built-in LED light is emitting in the dark.

I tried using lightning cable (black) with built-in LED light shining in the dark - YouTube

I tried using lightning cable (white) with built-in LED light shining in the dark - YouTube

LED Light Built-in Lightning cable has two colors of white and black, and manuals etc were not included in particular.

This is White's Lightning cable (1999 yen including tax)

Black's Lightning cable (1999 yen including tax) is like this.

Lightning connection terminal on the top and USB terminal on the bottom.

Cable is only for Lightning such as iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

So I tried to charge the iPhone 5 using a Lightning cable with built-in LED light.

First, connect in a state of not energizing. The feeling that I just caught has nothing to do with ordinary cables.

USB is like this.

However, when turning on the PC and energizing it, a blue light was lit on the cable.

The blue LED light flashes in the middle of the cable.

It is possible to check the light properly even in a bright room.

When charging and communicating in a dark room, the entire cable glows blue and changes to a more fantastic atmosphere.

Then connect the black cable to the PC that is not powered on.

Very ordinary USB terminal.

When I turned on the power of the PC, the blue light was also lit here.

It was also able to confirm the lighting of the light firmly in a bright room.

The state of the whole cable.

Unlike white which looked like the whole cable is emitting light when charging and communicating in the darkness, only the middle part of the cable emits light in black. It was a different atmosphere from white. It is recommended for those who simply think that there is no trick to charging.

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