Seagate ended production at the end of 2013 for 2.5 inch HDD (7200 rpm model)

Speaking of the world's HDD makersSeagate and Western Digital are two strongFor mobile, Toshiba strongly has a monopoly state for the 1.8 inch model. Seagate, one of these two biggest headlines, out of the 2.5 inch HDD for mobile, 7200RpmIt is clear that it is a policy to end model production at the end of 2013.

Seagate to Cease Production of 7200 rpm Mobile Hard Drives This Year - X-bit labs

This is Director of Marketing & Product Management at Seagate Technology,David BurksSan told X - bit labs.

Conventionally, storage for mobile is mainstream 2.5 inch HDD, in which the model of 7200 rpm has made high performance riptuous. However, since around 2008, high speed using flash memory and SSD of Uri appeared due to power saving, silence and shock resistance due to having no physical mechanism. SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Drive) has also been added that combines the advantages of SSD speed and large HDD capacity.

Although the HDD at 7200 rpm is faster than the one at 5400 rpm, it is still slower than SSD and SSHD, and SSD and SSHD are adopted for mobile applications from the viewpoint of power saving in many cases. For this reason, we decided to end production at the end of 2013.

Seagate is a policy to urge the shift to SSHD. However, Seagate is not immediately withdrawing from the production of 2.5 inch HDD for mobile, and the model of 5400 rpm will continue to be produced as a storage for inexpensive laptops in the future.

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