A whole and a part movie in which a cyclist was "runaway" to a deer

While the cyclist traveled in the forest with the group, the movie was captured by the movie all the time it was "run away" to the deer running from the side. The accident is only a moment, so it seems to be quite difficult to notice this.

Plassmido Rapido: Mother Nature fights Back!

Deer Attacks Cyclist - YouTube

Jeff Plassman photographed, traveling in the forest with groups.

Bend the curve ......

To the straight line where the left hand is like a square.

Then ...

Deer ran from the left hand side. It's like a brown bullet and a furious speed.

Crossing the front of the bicycle ......

It seems that kicking the front wheel with the hind leg.

Jeff is a fall.

Other cyclists ran over.

Fortunately Jeff is safe.

It is only 2 seconds from falling to the fall after the camera can see the appearance of the deer. It is slightly impossible to prevent a collision accident at the beginning of a meeting.

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