20 beautiful pictures of the underwater hotel where you can see the state of the seabed from the window

A plan to build a disc-shaped underwater hotel that can see the breathtaking view of the sea world, such as fish and coral reefs, seahorses and starfish, is in progress in Dubai. All 21 rooms are on the ocean floor, you can watch the world of the sea illuminated by sunlight during the day, from the big window the world of the sea full of lit up feeling lit up at night. The hotel is also equipped with activities such as diving and water skiing.

Deep Ocean Technology - Underwater Hotel: Home

In addition, you can see the state of the hotel from the following movie.


Also, a movie that simulated the appearance of the room where the whale shark swims swiftly beside the window from the following.

Under Water Hotel - view from hotel room on Vimeo

This is an underwater hotel. The hotel is divided mainly by two parts, underwater and water, and it connects by elevator and stairs in the pillar. Guest room is underwater, restaurant on the water disk, spa, recreation area will be made.

With the advent of the hotel, the beach resort suddenly became SF-like.

Light up at night.

Heliport is installed on the roof, not only for traffic but also for safety considerations.

Also, a pool is set up on the rooftop.

Inside is like this.

It is underwater, but the Internet can also communicate at high speed. Also, radio and satellite phones can be used.

There are 21 rooms in the room at a depth of 10 m. The sea world is spreading over the windows in every room, and in the night it will be lighted up with special lighting.

Although it can not be confirmed from the photos, privacy can be secured because the room has various transparent curtains.

A monitor is installed in the room and it is also possible to see the details of the sea by operating miniature underwater cars.

The rooms are arranged as follows.

The window is round and shaped like a protruding in the sea.

There are five buildings in all, and the hotel is equipped with marine sports facilities such as diving, water skiing, underwater scooter and so on.

State of the day.

It looked like this at night.

The lower disk can be adjusted in position, and in emergency etc appear in water.

The disk in the sea slowly rises.

The appearance on the surface of the sea is here. Also, it is also possible to separate the disk from the hotel itself, and you can design the hotel according to the changing sea environment.

Will not you break the environment of the sea? Although there is concern, there is also developing a new ecosystem not to destroy the environment, and the hotel seems to be used not only as a leisure facility but also as a research facility aimed at conservation of the underwater environment.

Construction is currently underway with the cooperation of scientists and engineers at Gdansk University in Poland, details of accommodation fee etc. are undecided.

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