Resurrected for the first time in 20 years 'Tsubinowa', the diameter which was 10 mm last time is over 20 mm this time

In 1993Lake bus shopCM released, "CM Tibino waga" has appeared CM was also talked about "Tibinoova", but after 20 years "Chibino ower fragrant soy sauce flavor"When"Chewing taste of Chivino-OitaI tried to eat ahead of the other that the two kinds of taste will be newly released on March 25. In the last CM, Tsubino waga was "dying 10 mm in diameter", but it seems that the size has changed significantly this time.

Chivinowa | Lake Ikebayashi Co., Ltd.

This is newly released "Chibino Was sweet soy sauce taste" and "Chewing taste of Tibinoisawa snacks"

First off from fragrant soy sauce taste. An illustration of grilled corn in a package.

Tibino wagma drawn in a picture book style wears Tibinois to his fingers.

Calorie is 224 kcal per 50 grams of bag.

Open it and put it out on a dish.

A bag of 50 grams It is like this when trying it all together.

When Tsubinowa was launched 20 years ago, it was flowing by CM with "10 mm in diameter and 10 mm in diameter, ha ha ha radius 5 mm", but the diameter of Tibinoisa newly launched is twice as large as 20 mm or more There is.

When I put it on my finger in the same way as Tsubino Bagma, Schippol has gotten to the fingers of adults. It is also possible to eat as it is.

When I put it on all the fingers, 10 pieces have gotten. At least two thumbs were able to fit, so it seems that we can fit more on the child's fingers.

In revival of Tsubinowa, it was not just reprints, he said that he used a newly developed corn fabric. When I try to eat, the flavor of soy sauce is firmly attached to the crispy texture, but coupled with the sweetness of sugar, only the soy sauce does not feel so tight.

Next is a cheese taste of a snack.

Cheese flavor of snacks includes "cheese powder" and "Cream PowderIncluding 50 grams of calorie per bag as well as fragrant soy sauce 224 kcal.

Open it and put it out on a dish.

I found a small orange collapse contained in a snack's cheese flavor.

Nine snacks cheesed with snacks on the left hand. The fragrance soy sauce flavor and size are the same.

The cheese taste of a snack is the creaming powder suppresses the strong sourness of cheese, and it mellow mellow. Even those who do not like cheese seem to be OK if this is the case.

Both are aroma and mildness added to the firm seasoning. I can also eat it with my fingers, so adults will be able to enjoy it with my children.

The convenience store is on sale from March 4th.

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