Brief user registration Innovative idea to dramatically reduce pain of form input "dialog form"

Speaking of the registration form, it is usually a matter of unilaterally entering necessary items, but in a conversation form with a character, it is as if chatting is possible to input information "Dialog form"is. When you are chatting with people, you can download the code for free with the registration form created based on the idea that typing is not bothersome.

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I actually try to see how the form is displayed. First click the play button on the right side of the page.

Then, automatically under Windows Azure official recognition character under the letter "Membership registration"Claudia · window sideStart a conversation.

As Claudia tells "Please enter your user ID", enter your ID on the form and click "send".

What you type is displayed in red like chat. Even with a mail address ......

Enter your password.

All entered passwords are not stub characters, but some are marked * and displayed.

When inputting is completed, user ID, e-mail address, and password are confirmed and asked "Are you OK with this?" If there is no problem click "okay", if you want to re-enter, click "Redo".

My remarks were reflected in the conversation as "OK!" In response, Claudia said "I sent a confirmation email, please check it."

Since "it is registered completion when speaking something here", enter "I confirmed" and press "send".

Registration is complete.

The registration form code can be downloaded for free.

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