Number of Internet users, native speaker population, what is the most spoken language in the world? It will become like this when ranking that it is

We comprehensively compare and compare three rankings of "the number of people talking about the language of the native language", "the number of countries spoken as the official language" and "the population used on the Internet"Most spoken language TOP 20The travel site 's advisor has released it. So I looked at the number of internet users by language and the ranking change in native speaker population.

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The second largest English language is far apart from the first native speaker in the Chinese language, ranked second in English by ranked by Internet users in different languages, ranked second in English, the native speaker was ninth in the Japanese language on the Internet Ranking up to 4th place, French which was out of the top 10 area with native speaker popularity ranked No. 8 on the Internet, ranked up greatly.

Firstly, the top 20 "languages ​​talking as mother tongue" is as follows.

No. 1: Chinese (Mandarin) (885 million people)
No. 2: English (400 million)
No. 3: Spanish (322 million people)
No. 4: Hindi (236 million people)
No. 5: Arabic (200 million)
No. 6: Portuguese (175 million people)
No. 7: Russian (170 million people)
No. 8: Bengali (168 million people)
No. 9: Japanese (125 million people)
No. 10: German (100 million people)
No. 11: Chinese (Wu) (91 million people)
No. 12: Javanese (75 million people)
No. 13: Korean (75 million people)
No. 14: Punjabi (73 million people)
No. 15: Telugu (73 million people)
No. 16: French (72 million people)
No. 17: Marathi (65 million people)
No. 18: Tamil (65 million)
No. 19: Italian (57 million people)
No. 20: Chinese (Cantonese) (55 million)

And ranking top 10 Internet users by language, the ranking will change as follows.

◆ No. 1: English (565 million people)
As the mother tongue population is the second largest English following the Chinese, but the number of people who use English on the Internet is 565 million, the top in 10 countries, the number of people who are the only mother tongue among the top 20 As a result that internet users are getting more.

60 countries have English as their official language,Ministry of Foreign AffairsAccording to the present, the number of countries in the world is 195 countries, so about a third of countries have English as their official language.

◆ Second place: Chinese (510 million people)
In contrast to English, it was Chinese that ranked second from first place. There are 510 million people who use Chinese on the Internet and English is a big difference in the language used as the mother tongue, but in the language used on the Internet, it gave the top to English .

There are three countries whose official languages ​​are Chinese.

◆ No. 3: Spanish (165 million people)
It was Spanish that the rankings did not change between Internet users and native speakers. There are 165 million people who use Spanish on the Internet, third in the world in any ranking.

There are 21 countries where Spanish is the official language. In Europe, only one Spanish country is the official language, and many others are South America such as Argentina, Cuba, Mexico, Caribbean, Central America.

◆ No. 4: Japanese (99 million people)
The fourth place is 99.2 million people in Japanese. There are 125 million people who speak Japanese as their mother tongue, ranked ninth in 20 countries, but on the Internet five rankings have been rolled up.

It is often thought that Japan is the only official language of Japanese, but even in Angowul State, Palau, Japanese is the official language. From 1914 to 1945, Japan dominated Palau, during which time Japanese teachers were teaching classes in Japanese.

◆ No. 5: Portuguese (82.6 million)
It is Portuguese which used 165 million people as the mother tongue and was ranked sixth, but 82.6 million people who are using Portuguese on the internet less than half of those who are using it are the fifth place It is.

There are nine countries in which Portuguese is the official language, but it seems that the fact that Brazil, which has a large population, is the official language affects the results.

◆ 6th place: German (75.4 million people)
In the mother tongue ranking, the number of people who use German on the Internet which was tenth ranked is 75.4 million, which is No. 6.

There are nine countries with German as its official languages, the region being spoken is gathered in Europe, Austria, Switzerland etc is the official language of German.

◆ No. 7: Arabic (65 million people)
Those who are Arabic as their mother tongue ranked fifth in ranking, but on the Internet 65.4 million people, this is the 7th in 10 countries.

27 countries are Arabic as the official language and are spoken mainly in the Arab countries of the United Arab Emirates, West Asia such as Saudi Arabia, North Africa such as Morocco and Egypt.

◆ No. 8: French (59.8 million)
France ranked 16th in the ranking of native speakers and was out of the top 10, but ranked 8th on the Internet. 59.8 million Internet users are using French.

There are 39 countries with French as its official languages, which is the result following English as a result. It is spoken mainly in France, Canada, Quebec, and in the northwest part of Africa such as Cameroon and Cote d'Ivoire.

◆ No. 9: Russian (59.7 million people)
Many people use Russian as the official language of the United Nations as their mother tongues, but 59.7 million people are using Russian on the Internet, resulting in the ninth place. It was ranked 7th in the ranking of mother tongue population, so it ranked 2 ranks.

There are six countries with Russian as the official language, all of which are members of former Soviet Union such as Belarus and Kazakhstan.

◆ No. 10: Korean (39.4 million people)
Korean is also 13th in the native speaker population, which is outside the top ten. However, 39.4 million people using the Korean language on the Internet, this ranked up to tenth place. By the way, according to Bloomberg, a comprehensive information service company, the spread of the Internet in Korea seems to be the second fastest in the world. First place is Hong Kong, Japan is third.

Korean is the official language in the two countries, the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

The official language used in the ranking refers to "the language that the country has decided to use in the official place" and the mother tongue means "the language that the person is most familiar with and good at", but " Number of people talking as mother tongue "ranked fourth in the ranking of" Hindi ", No. 8" Bengali ", No. 14" Punjabi ", No. 15" Telugu ", No. 17 "Marathi" in the third place and "Tamil" in the 18th place are all the languages ​​spoken in India. In India there are 22 public languages, 900 dialects, 122 languages ​​and 216 mother tongues. Therefore, it seems that adopting English as a quasi-official language and communicating in English in public places and businesses loses distance by language.

This ranking will be announced by MEXTNative population of the world (top 20 languages)YaWorld Internet Users Statistics Usage and World Population StatsIt is said that it is made based on information such as.

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