"Epiphany on E Puck" where charging of smartphones is possible anytime, anywhere using the thermal energy of drinks

Although smartphones consume the battery fast, when you try to charge on the go, you do not find the outlet, it is common for the battery to run out of charge in the middle of the day. In such a convenient time, if you have a drink with temperature you can charge your smartphone anytime anywhere "Epiphany on E Puck"is. Epiphany on E PuckStirling engineIt adopts a mechanism to convert thermal energy to kinetic energy to charge it, it is convenient to carry because it is made compact. You do not need to look for outlets on the go.

Epiphany on E Puck by Epiphany Labs - Kickstarter

Details of the product are explained in the following movie.

This is designer Tommy Joseph.

On the surface of Epiphany on E Puck there is a large "E" character, the side has a USB connection terminal, the maximum output is 5 W and seems to be almost same as a standard smartphone charger.

All models of iPhone, iPod, Android-equipped smartphone, and all electric appliances compatible with USB terminals of 1000 mA or less can be charged.

When using a warm drink, charge a drink on the side where the red logo mark is drawn and charge.

In the case of a cold drink place the drink with the blue side on the opposite side facing up. The time of charging is proportional to the temperature of the drink, the hotter it gets hot, the cooler the cold the shorter the charging time.

How to charge using Epiphany on E Puck is from the following movie.

Demo Video - YouTube

In the movie you charge with a warm drink.

First place a warm drink on the red side of the charger.

Wait until the blue light on the side of the body turns on. It took about 30 to 60 seconds.

When the blue light is on, preparation for charging is completed.

Plug the cable into your cell phone.

The mobile screen is bright and you can see that it is properly charged.

When charging is completed, remove the cable plugged into the mobile phone.

Drinks are also removed from the top of Epiphany on E Puck.

When the charger body falls to an appropriate temperature, the blue light turns off and it stops automatically.

Epiphany on E Puck is currently recruiting investment for commercialization. Epiphany on E Puck which is set with T shirt can be obtained if you make a capital investment of 115 dollars (about 10,800 yen) or more. If you make a contribution of more than 135 dollars (about 11 2700 yen), in addition to T - shirts, Epiphany on E Puck will have a service that carves your favorite letters. If you ship outside the United States, you need $ 15 (about 1400 yen) separately.

The deadline is 11:38 AM on Saturday, April 7th, in Japan time.

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