I tried shakashaka and enjoyed the three kinds of taste of limited edition "Shakashaka Magic Happy Turn"

Happy turn of Kameda confectionery is that powder is "Happy powder (Happi powder)"It is a highly popular sweet such as called, Hankyu department store Umida at the main store opened at the head officeThe more I wait for 3 hours. LimitedHappy Joy All seven typesAlthough it is quite popular, from February 15Tokyo OkashidorandoIt was said that the sale of "Shakashaka Magic Happy Turn" was newly started at the shop limitation, so I bought and shaked.

Kameda Seika Co., Ltd.

(PDF file)"Tokyo Shaka Shaka Magic Happy Turn" is released at Tokyo Okashido Land Tokyo Station No.1 street! ~ I have a happy "happy turn" to make by myself ~

Shakashaka Magic Happy Turn is one 367 yen including tax. There are three types of powder, you can choose one type for one cup.

There are six types of cup face, but the contents are the same for both.

Cup looks like this.

How to make it, just remove the lid, apply the powder, shake the shakershaka.

Mixed US, Thai, and domestic products of raw rice.

In this box ......

Powder is contained.

Three kinds of strawberry milk flavor, maple milk flavor, and powdered tea milk flavor.

Each contains sugar and powder of each flavor.

Shaka Shaka Magic Happy Turn Body. The length is a little shorter than the ordinary happy turn.

Sprinkle the powder here smoothly ......

Shake the lid firmly and shakers.


In the same way, I will also make Matcha and Maple.

It is completed.

When you shakashaka, the place where the color gradually spreads smoothly in Happy Turn is seen in the transparent lid, making it fun, each flavor is also sweet and it is quite unique item. At first it is possible to eat it without eating powder and eating to change the taste by putting powder on the way, so maybe you can try buying a person who wants to try a new happy turn. However, depending on the time zone, there may be a queue before purchase, so please go out with plenty of time when going to buy.

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