Berserk figures such as Berserk 'Guts' and overwhelming power 'Zod'

The serial series is still continuing as a masterpiece of fantasy cartoon "Berserk". At the Wonder Festival 2013 [Winter], the guts in a mad warrior state wearing armor, the zods and the wyaldos of the aposter standing in front of Guts' line were three-dimensionalized.

4-18-14 "MUSHIBUCHIGuts Berserker Revoltech Specification (Complete Edition) (8000 yen)

Guts who wore madman warrior state wearing "armor of berserker"

The helmet is changing to a shape like a wolf

This is a skull knight

It is the former owner of 'Armor of Berserkers' and is fighting for 1000 years with apostles and God hand

4-02-07 "Resin rangeWyaldo (human type) (4000 yen)

I am serving as the chief of the knight of the prisoner unit with a transcendent force, but it was not enemies to Guts. Film being released "Berserk Golden Age storyUnfortunately the number was cut off.

Zod (humanoid) (11,000 yen)

Although it is an apostle, the strength in human form is also considerable

Rox (humanoid) (15,000 yen)

A senior officer of a new generation hawk, who takes a synonym for "Knight of the Moonlight".

Torturer executives twin (10,000 yen)

Twins who are torture enforcers who serve the Inquisition Ozgus and have a pair of huge saws.

4-07-02 "GILL GILLZod (16,000 yen, prototype production:Oyama dragon)

Zod became apostolic form

The movie is "Berserk Golden Age Inaugural IIIAlthough it was completed once, Berserk · Saga Project said that it will visualize all its worldview so it may be that someday you can see the mad warrior form that appeared in one festival someday.

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