Goods display demonstrated 3D printer "Replicator 2" capable of three-dimensional figure figure

A 3D printer that can be bought at only 200,000 yen unitsReplicator 2"Is a full-scale 3D printer that can create objects as high as 28.5 cm in height with 0.1 mm layers despite the same footprint as home printers,Actually purchase / use even at GIGAZINE editorial departmentThen,I tried making president Obama and Klein's potBut this time, at the Wonder Festival 2013 [Winter] the real machine was exhibited and so we went to see.

GOOD SMILE COMPANYMakerbot Replicator 2 that was displayed side by side at the booth end. The exhibition space was surrounded by a chain so that the printer does not shake.

What is exhibitedMakerbot Replicator 2. It is a new model of Makerbot Replicator released in 2012, making it possible to create larger objects precisely.

It is staggered at last. Because it is possible to choose the color of the internal LED light according to the mood, it seems to be an interior.

A 3D printer looks something like this.

A sample of the same shape as the object being printed was displayed on the printer.

Blue's writing is done.

A female-type bust that feels like putting it in the art room.

The state of the object which layers are overlapped and gradually made.

I found a tube of filament and various shapes of sample objects beside the printer.

The corresponding filament of Replicator 2 is polylactic acid, it is possible to create a 0.1 mm layer. Therefore, we can produce delicate figure works more than before.

It seems that it is possible to model town of quite small miniature.

The unevenness of the face and flow of beard are also smooth and clear.

In addition to miniature works, we have also made it possible to create objects that are too large to fit in the palm, which we had to make separately for each part so far.

The maximum size is 28.5 cm × 15.3 cm × 15.5 cm. Human skull can also be made.

There are many other samples as well.

The sample could actually be touched and touched.

The price of MakerBot Replicator 2 corresponding to polylactic acid is 2199 dollars (about 210,000 yen), the dual nozzle model corresponding to polylactic acid and ABS resin is 2799 dollars (about 260,000 yen)We are currently accepting reservations.

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