For iPhone 5 exclusive use Lightning cable twisted round dock "Core"

While charging the iPhone, it is apt to happen that the top of the desk turns into a messy texture with tangled cables, but wrapping the cable around the main body of the dock so as not to charge will make charging and communicating the iPhone "Core"is. There are two USB ports on the back of the main unit, making it possible to charge three devices simultaneously, including the iPhone.

Core | Quirky Products

The size is 74 mm × 75 mm × 75 mm, the color develops in two colors, white and black. The material is bodyABS resin, The part of the lidAS resinIt is made of.

There is a groove on the side of the Core and you can wrap the cable around the dock according to the space, so there is no tangling of excess cables.

Install the iPhone charging cable under the lid like this.

Then plug the iPhone into the dock OK.

There are two more USB ports on the back, and it is possible to charge three devices simultaneously.

Core is decided to commercialize, and the product currently under construction. The details such as price are undecided.

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