"Cup noodle red shock" of spicy Tige style soup was released from Nissin, I tried eating while sweating slowly

In a cold season, I want to eat hot foods that get warmed up, but the cup noodles that were released from Nissin on February 4 "Red Shock(170 yen without tax) "is a spicy tige style and it is a bit of shock, so I tried to eat and see how hot it actually is.

Cup Noodle Red Shock | Product Information | Nissin Food

This is a red shock of cup noodles.

Red shock noodleCheese cream stew noodles,Cup noodle black misoThe third series of Nissin 's increasingly hard menu series "Have you had a HEAT UP menu!" "Because it is strong stimulation by pungent, please be careful enough for eating and drinking." There is a little excitement from before eating.

Discovered the notation "hotness of shock" in a red package.

Calories are 380 kcal per meal.

Contents is like this. The ingredients include pork · miso · fried garlic · red chilli etc.

Pour hot water and wait 3 minutes.

It was completed in 3 minutes. It's really red ... ....

I am nervous, but a bite. The moment I put it in my mouth I did not feel so spicy, but as I was eating, my body began to shine and I got sweatily and sweaty. Although the fragrance of garlic makes the appetite very much, since it hardly feels sour, it is not kimchi and it is seasoned with a question mark "?" When asked as Tigeta.

Soup is bright red.

There are red objects obscuringly and obscurely, but since red paprika is used as raw material besides red pepper, "The moment I put it in my mouth it hurtsIt is not such intense hotness that it is.

I enjoyed the soup deliciously, and it was complete. It is perfect for the season where cold is severe as the body warms as soon as you eat as you go home with a cold body.

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