"Nihonbashi Suites Aomori Pudding and Tsubuan" together strawberries and grains were authentic sweets

Featuring dense sweetness from Fukuoka prefectureSwallow"Tsuzen combined sweet sauce that made use of the flavor of Asuki"Nihonbashi Suites Amazing Pudding and Tsubuan"(136 yen including tax) discovered. I used a bean curd as a pudding, and I also care about the taste of Ai, so I decided to eat it actually.

Nihonbashi Suites Aomorou Pudding and Tsubuan

The package feels calm with red and black.

It seems to be able to enjoy the deep flavor of the original strawberry. In addition, because it is Tsubuan, I can expect expectation for people with texture.

Raw materials include red beans, strawberry juice and so on.

The energy per one (128 grams) is 198 kilocalories.

Contents amount is not so much as 128 grams, but it has a stiff weight when it is in hand.

It looks like a thin pink. It is a very smooth feeling when it is a pudding, feeling like yogurt if anything.

It has freshness and even pulp and it looks like yoghurt. Then, a bite. The sweet and sour taste of strawberries is coming out with the feeling that acidity is higher than sweetness. There is also a pudding of egg-like dense sweetness, but it is good that there is a taste of strawberry that is not to be defeated by it.

There is a rice cake on the bottom of the cup and you can enjoy the rich taste of strawberry and azuki together as you go on eating. When it is only part of strawberry pudding, the sourness is strong and the sweetness is modest, but when it comes together, it gathers in a mellow sweetness as a whole.

Although few are few, Tsuyuan is confirmed firmly. It has become only leather and I can not feel the powerful taste of the real part, but still the atmosphere is satisfactory.

I could feel the taste of fruits firmly without being too sweet. It is also a point that is soft and melting texture than ordinary pudding with a mellow texture.

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