About chips Waitresses who mocked notes memorized by the pastor made fun of the restaurant


RestaurantApplebee'sA woman who was waitressing at the time was refused the payment of the chip from the pastor, so the photograph of the memo written in the receiptRedditI posted it, and it seems that the restaurant has become fired.

My mistake sir, I'm sure Jesus will pay for my rent and groceries.: Atheism

Waitress Who Posted No-Tip Receipt From "Pastor" Customer Fired From Job - The Consumerist

In Applebee's, if you have dinner with more than 8 people, you are supposed to automatically post 18% of the chips on the receipt, but some customers wrote 6.29 dollars (about 570 yen) I erased the chip and was rewriting it as "0". In addition to the receipt, the notes "I Give God 10% Why do you Get 18 (I will give 10% to God, why do you take up chips as much as 18%?") And the word pastor A signature was written along with it.

Chelsea who received the receipt posted a picture of the receipt as a light joke to reddit's atheist section along with the sentence "Jesus will surely pay my rent and food expenses" on Wednesday 30th January. "I thought it was unscrupulous, but it was also fun," Chelsea says. At that time, Mr. Chelsea thought that it would be difficult to distinguish him and did not erase the pastor's name, so those who saw the picture with reddit began to identify the pastor. "A message confirming the customer's name arrived soon from Facebook, blogs etc. I declined all of them, but everything that was deciphered was all wrong. I felt it was just interesting I did not mean to hunt a witch or hurt someone just because I wanted to share it.I deleted my personal information on the website so as to protect the identity of the customers and my own. .

As reportedly, the pastor called Applebee's on that day he went to the restaurant and requested not only the waitress Chelsea, but also all the stakeholders, including the manager, to be fired.

But in the end Chelsea said, "Applebee's chose to make a devoted employee fresher than to lose angry customers." For her this Applebee's policy was unclear. Chelsea who got fired had a hourly wage at Applebee's of 3.50 dollars (about 320 yen), adding chips to it, but the next time you want to find a job that costs a little more money or chips Thing.

It was also happening at Applebee's that waitresses in the past had left receipts from customers saying "Stop Eating, Bitch!"

'Stop eating b *** h!' Applebee's waitress gets rude advice written on her receipt in place of a tip | Mail Online

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