"OPSWAT Security Score" free software to analyze PC security and give out scores

A free software that analyzes security of PC firewall · encryption · patch management · backup · shared file · anti virus · anti-phishing and gives a score is "OPSWAT Security Score"is. It can be started on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.

For downloading, installing, operating method from the following.

Check the security score of your device | Powered by OESIS

Click "FREE DOWNLOAD" on the above site.

Click the downloaded installer.

The operation screen is displayed.

Please check above and click "START".

The security check is started.

When the check is completed, security of firewall · encryption · patch management · backup · shared file · anti-virus · anti-phishing is analyzed respectively and total score (here "72") is displayed in the middle of the circle.

To check details of each item (here, FIREWALL), click on the item.

Details can be checked.

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