World's first success in demonstration experiments on technology and equipment to wirelessly communicate without interference in the TV frequency band


The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology succeeded for the first time in the world for the development and demonstration experiment of the base station equipment and the subscriber station equipment of the wireless communication using the frequency band broadcasting the television.Total net traffic will be exabyte, Zettabyte class by 2016And Cisco Systems are predicting and it is a technology that is likely to be of help in securing communication lines when emergencies occur. By the way, the top image is an image and it has nothing to do with this device.

Press Release | Successful demonstration experiment of international standard IEEE 802.22 regional radio system using frequency band of television | NICT - National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

In addition to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the U.K. Information and Communication Authority (Ofcom), the regulatory agencies of the telecommunications business in each country, it is possible to avoid affecting the existing operations of primary users in the already allocated frequency band While studying the "white space wireless communication system" that uses secondary frequency secondary. Amid this trend, in the United States, Wireless Regional Area Network (WRAN) covering a long distance that is different from wireless LAN is being studied, and IEEE has been studying the standardization of white space using communication system as IEEE Std. 802.22-2011 (IEEE 802.22) has been issued.

This time, the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) and Hitachi Kokusai Denko developed the base station apparatus and subscriber station apparatus conforming to IEEE 802.22 for the first time in the world,MAC layerSoftware, interference avoidance software, and IP communication software were implemented.

Moreover,I S B(Calculate the interference between the primary user and the secondary user and inform the usable frequency to the communication device), connect to the primary user (470 MHz to 710 MHz) in the frequency band of the television broadcast (470 MHz to 710 MHz) We automatically selected the frequency band that does not affect, and demonstrated that wireless communication is possible.

Prototype of used base station equipment / customer premises equipment

The communication speed from the base station device to the customer premises device is about 20 Mbps at maximum and the communication area is about 10 km to 30 km (assuming 10 km to 40 km under IEEE 802.22 standardization). It is like this image.

In future, we will promote international standardization activities assuming expansion of technology, and we will promote the development of radio equipment for commercialization.

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