I have been eating "Pon de Lion Donuts" and "Fluffy Hearts" "Heartfuls" that Pon de Lion looks just like donuts in mistakes

Draw a face on a pon de Ring with chocolate, finished like Pon de lion "Pon de Lion donuts"Pon de Lion Donut Chocolat"(189 yen each) was released. Bottom of the chocolate has been devised such as putting a mini ball donut and fixing chocolate. In addition, the heart-shaped Valentine-like atmosphere of chocolate coating "Fluffy Heart"Haturo"(147 yen each) was also released at the same time, so we decided to check it together.

Pon de Lion Donut | New Item | Mister Donut

Miss Heart Full Donut | New Item | Mister Donut

The pon de lion donut of this time is restricting the amount to make depending on the store, so it seems to be good to contact the store in advance if you want to get it reliably.

It is individually packed in bags, and it has a fashionable atmosphere.

First off from the Pon de Lion donuts.

The degree of reproduction of the face of the chocolate part is high, and it looks exactly Pon de lion.

In order to fix this chocolate to the Pon de Ring, put a mini ball donut in the center of the donut and use cream for adhesion.

Looking from behind like this. The mini ball donuts fit perfectly at the center of the Pon de Ring and are not falling down. It seems that it is made by considerably calculating it.

Chocolate is a firm crisp texture, contrasting with the soft and rich texture of the donut. There is a cream in the mini ball donut and there is sweetness that is rich. Although it is very stable in the first state, if you go forward with eating, you will get a mini ball donut, chocolate will peel off, and it will become difficult to eat as it becomes difficult to eat, but with all the looks cute it is all Chara.

There is also a chocolate version. Impression that it is black in appearance from the front, powerful and strong.

You can taste moist cocoa taste and smooth cream taste at the same time. The mouth feeling as a pon de ring's mochi was felt distinctly with accent of fluffy mini ball donuts and crisp chocolate.

Fluffy heart is chocolate chocolat, white chocolat, strawberry chocolat, three kinds. It looks like a heart shaped cute, but the misdo taste lineup is roughly the three types, so you can imagine the taste at the moment you saw it, so it is almost time you want another version.

Firstly from chocolate chocolat. As it looks, you can enjoy the sweetness of chocolate with chocolate cream + chocolate coating. Because the viscosity of chocolate cream is high, it is for people who like the sticky taste.

This is White Chocolat. The sweetness of white chocolate that is coated is strengthened. Whipped cream inside has a light texture and it is a modest sweetness rather than a moist sweetness.

Last is Strawberry Chocolat. Strawberry whip is not only sweet but also felt sour, so the other two have characteristic taste in the sweetness on the front. Nevertheless sweetness is strong, so it seems good to eat with drinks.

There are also three kinds of taste of heart chroo, chocolate, white, and strawberry. I thought, "What is this deignified feeling ... ...." When I traced my memory, I thought that it was "Colorful HeartI arrived at. Or, in the same year as before, "HaturoWe are on sale and it seems to be annual every year. Looking closely, the marble chocolate is decreasing more than before, it is said to be the same, or it seems that the level has declined rather ....

First of all, chocolate. There is a crispness with Tsuru's crisp. Compared to fluffy heart choco chocolat, Turo's soft and rustic sweetness is good, and it is not becoming a solid sweetness.

I think that white chocolate may be slightly weaker than sweetness, but I think that there are quite a few fans that this taste appears every time. Chocolate chip with bubble wrap accented.

Strawberry's sweet and sourness is still alive. Since marble chocolate has delicious taste of crispy texture, it turned out well that what was reduced to one was effective in a sense.

In the current sale period, until January 27 (Sunday) it is 100 yen for donuts, 120 yen for pie.

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