Research found out that the environmental design of the class influences the learning rate of children by 25%


The study by Salford University revealed that the environment of the classroom affects the improvement or decline of the academic ability of children by an average of 25% in a year.

Study proves classroom design really is matter | University of Salford Manchester - Building and Environment - A holistic, multi-level analysis identifying the impact of classroom design on pupils' learning

This pilot study was conducted for 751 elementary school students in the UK Blackpool from September 2011 to July 2012. All the students in total of 34 classes were in different learning environments.

The investigation took place on two lines. One is to collect data such as age, gender, mathematics, reading and writing grades of 751 primary school students at the beginning and end of the semester. And the other evaluated the overall classroom environment taking into consideration factors such as the state of orientation in 34 classrooms, how much natural light and noises in the classroom are, the temperature and the quality of air. At this time, the degree of freedom of space such as whether color is used in the classroom or how easy to arrange the furniture etc was likewise subject to evaluation. Evaluation includes the design of the classroom and the use factor of what constitutes a valid learning environment.

As a result, 73% of the student's performance changes are explained by "classroom level" consisting of six items such as "color" "degree of freedom" "complexity" "choice" "connection" "light" I understood that.

Depending on the learning environment, the main three subjects will improve by 11 points in a year.

According to Professor Peter Barrett of the University of Salford, "Although it has long been known that various environments of buildings affect people inside, it has been recognized that the overall environment and the student's learning rate are directly linked This is the first time that I succeeded in this case, this influence is more than our imagination and I am looking forward to further clear results in the future. "

Survey conducts academic research and developmentNightingale AssociatesThe team was asked by THiNK 's team, and this research is said to be used to actually rebuild or build new buildings. Caroline Paradise of Nightingale Associates said, "I am very excited by the discovery that the classroom environment plays an important role in children's achievements.I am targeting investment in the most influential school buildings such as renovation and new construction We will strengthen educators and designers to make it. "


For further research, we will continue to conduct surveys for 20 months in 20 UK primary schools other than Blackpool for 18 months

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