Rubber cover with spike "Bike Spikes" to prevent the bicycle from slipping over snow or ice and falling over


Although it is difficult to drive on snow or ice with a bicycle, it is troublesome to purposely tackle the chain, so impossible and impossible to drive as it is, there is a danger of falling down or accident. Therefore, it is important to install a rubber cover with a spike on the bicycle tire so that you can run on Switzerland without problems even on snow, ice, or ordinary asphaltBike Spikes"is.

Cesar van Rongen

Bike Spikes is a bicycle tire cover for snow country designed by designer Cesar van Rongen.

The rubber cover is rigidly fitted with iron spikes.

Looking from the front like this.

You can see the fact that you are actually riding a bicycle from the following movies.

Bike Spikes By Cesar van Rongen on Vimeo

Driving a bicycle not equipped with anything in snowy country is a difficult technique. Sometimes it rolls over hardened snow.

Also, there is a possibility that danger will be involved in the roadway, etc., as the slippers and wheels are idling and not going forward.

It is other than on ice.

So I will attach Bike Spikes to my bicycle tire.

When driving, the tire turned around the snow while making crisp and sound.

It is possible to advance to Switzerland even on the snow road.

Also, wheels will not turn from sprawling even if you start suddenly. .

It is also possible to run on ice.

Here is how to attach Bike Spikes to the tire.

Bike Spikes (Pt. 2) By Cesar van Rongen on Vimeo

Bringing Bike Spikes in hand.


I will attach the six parts Bike Spikes to the tire in order.

Finally stop fastening and complete.

To combat the severity of snowSome people make their own chains for bicycles, Bike Spikes is not only problematic on snow or ice, but also in general asphalt, so it is very convenient that you do not need to attach or remove a chain.

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