Anime "MAN" drawn in a comical and satirical way that humans dominate nature

The relationship between human beings and nature, that humans who appeared in the world 500,000 years ago will shoot, overfight, slay and kill the nature and animals they encounter from anyway, as rulers of the devastated world will be a comical picture Flash animation painted satirically with "MAN"is.

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500 thousand years ago

A man wearing a shirt written "WELCOME" appeared

Tekketo walking, I found insects on the ground



Then encounter two snakes

I made it into boots

Chickens ......

Let me drink the drink entered into the drum can with the skull mark

I will sprinkle crispy butter mixes into chickens that have become round

Drilling with chicken

It is not overweight and shoots

After playing, I made it into fried chicken

When I meet a lamb, I throw away a fried chicken

Yoshiyoshi Yoshi

Even though I gently stroked, I eat lamb's feet mushamusha

I will cut the back of the sheep with clippers as soon as possible

Shooting a bird

The seal ...

On the fur

The elephant that runs ......

I changed it to a piano with a magic stick


Get on a ship and throw away the drums that Ikanai feels like something in the sea

One surface of the sea was contaminated by dumping trash

Even this overfish the fish

For the time being we meet the gun

Commemorative photo taken with the head of the bear who killed

The bear was sold away and the leopard was also easily trampled

One magical stick wiggle

All the trees growing in the neighborhood will turn into paper

Wandering around the city with a cosmetic face

It will be developed more and more

Animals are carried on a conveyor and changed to hamburg in a blink of an eye

I changed it like a mad scientist costume

Injection to bush and rabbit

Rabbits who change their appearance by experiments, such as applying suspicious spray

While laughing, I will put on garbage mountains

Guts pose on the way I went up

When the camera retracts ......

You can see that a mountain of garbage spreads on one side

At that vertex, a man who fuzzy like a king ... ...

This animation depicting the relationship between man and nature is a London based artistSteve Cutts'S work. It is a person who reigned at the top of the garbage mountain, but after this, further development is awaiting.

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