I ate Ministop's first cold soft cream + warm chocolate 'Fondant Chocolat Soft'

Sweets that made it possible to enjoy the two sensations of "warm" and "cold" by matching warm chocolat with a cold soft cream,Fondant chocolat software"(278 yen including tax). There was a rich and mellow sweetness in which a warm fluffy chocolate and melted soft cream mixed with that heat had richness and it was a feeling like a mini stop which is truly popular in sweets.

Toruro Chocolate Melting Taste The first bullet in 2013 is "Fondant Chocolat"! ~ Rich taste to taste hot and cold together ~

It is said that Fondant chocolat was arranged in a ministop style, but speaking of speaking mini stop againSoft creamSo, it has become a collaboration with soft cream.

I ordered immediately.

At first glance, cocoa powder was applied to the soft cream, I felt anything fancy.

The soft cream part is rich and moist sweetness is felt, and the bitter flavor of cacao is well accented. And as we continue to eat ... ...

When I put a spoon up to the middle part, suddenly a trot and a chocolate sauce!

Chocolate sauce with a little warmth is perfect with the sweetness of soft cream. The heat of this chocolate sauce melts in a nice feeling, it mixes with chocolate sauce, and the taste comes in depth.

As we advance further, the sponge part came out. Although you can tell by eating, you can feel the fluffy feeling of the sponge often comes out because it is warm, and the flavor of chocolate also increases.

Looking inside it looks like this, chocolate under the soft cream. Because there is this chocolate, there is volume, so we have food response.

The soft cream melted slightly due to warmth often got involved and I was able to enjoy the rich taste which is mixed with a little bitter chocolate flavor and moist sweetness of soft cream.

It is said that this winter only, it seems better to hold down the person you care about early.

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