A method for an enterprise to process confidential data in a computer


When dealing with computers it is troublesome even if it is troublesome to put data deletion behind, as a few months laterEBayThe situation that credit card information and social security number was put out for sale may happen in. Although it is still good if it is only a shame, in the case of a company, there is a possibility of losing customer's trust or evolving into a litigation problem due to information leakage,BusinessweekIs summarizing the method of erasing data that a company should perform.

The Right Way to Destroy Sensitive Data - Businessweek

It is a professional of erasing information and destroying documentsNational Association for Information DestructionAccording to Robert Johnson, the chief executive officer, "It often happens that a hospital donated a computer without erasing patient information." Johnson says, "This kind of thing was not a big problem if it was five years ago, but it is a big problem in modern times."

Therefore, many companies will have their recycling companies handed down to be disposed of by legal regulations. Most computers are sold again after repair, but if repair is impossible, scrap is done after removing valuable metals.


To prevent leakage of information accumulated in the device is called "sanitation" in the technical term. It is possible for companies to do sanitization as well as themselves, but many companies will ask hard drive crushing services, computer leasing companies, recycling companies, etc.

In terms of data erasure, physical destruction of hard drives (HDD and SSD) is probably the most reliable method. A hard drive is made into a piece of metal by a machine called a crusher.

The next option is to drill a hole in the hard drive, but even with a hard drive with a hole open it is possible to retrieve some data if a persistent hacker takes much time and money.

Another method is to erase information using a very powerful magnet such as a hard drive or a floppy diskDemagnetizationThere is also something, making any data stored on the drive unrecoverable.

And the last way is to overwrite all the data stored on the hard drive. If you overwrite it over and over again, the data will be erased completely. In the research, it is said that data is deleted even once by overwriting, but usually it will be overwritten three times for business use.

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Peter Jegou, CEO of electronics recycling company All Green Recycling says it varies from company to company to pay attention to data erasure. Some customers asked for photos after the hard drive was destroyed and there were also some small companies that had little knowledge on data erasure. It is Peter Jegou's job to explain data erasure to these companies, but it seems that there are not many people who have a head because they do not understand easily.

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