3M announces 40-point multi-touch table with huge display of 84 inches

The fact that multi touch table of huge display of 84 inches will be released from 3M is a comprehensive exhibition on home appliances and electronics that is currently taking placeCES 2013It was announced in.

3M Previews 84-inch Multi-touch Display | 3M Newsroom | United States

3M debuts gigantic 84-inch multitouch table with 40-point input (hands-on) | The Verge

You can see how you are using a multi-touch table from the following movies.

[CES] Dotykový 84 "displej 3M - YouTube

This is an 84 inch display multi touch table.

What is reflected in the photograph is a prototype. It is 40 points multi-touch, and the resolution is 4K (3840 × 2160).

Looking up it looks like this.

The display is not ITO etching type but sensor wire type. Although the multi-touch table of the 46-inch display announced last year was ITO etching type, it was said that scale-up was possible without deteriorating the performance by adopting the sensor wire type this time.

The multi-touch table is supposed to be used in educational institutions such as museums and schools, and currently it is 40 touch, but 100 points of multi-touch should be realized by the release in the third quarter of 2013The VergeSays.

3M announced a multi-touch table of 46-inch display at CES in 2012, this was a 1080p model with 20 points multi-touch. 3M does not clarify the price for the 84-inch multi-touch table, but since it was 6,500 dollars (about 570,000 yen) of the 46-inch display, this time it will exceed 10,000 dollars (about 880,000 yen) Is not itIt is also predicted.

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