A movie that explains how Hollywood movie "Battle Ship" was made

Hollywood moviesBattle ShipIt was released in 2012 as a sci-fi epic work with about 250 million dollars (about 22 billion yen), but visual effects are outstanding as a high price has been launched. How was the battle ship made? That's why the movie that released the picture is finished "Behind the Magic: The Visual Effects of Battleship"is.

Behind the Magic: The Visual Effects of Battleship - YouTube

When riding a boat, a mysterious object popped out of the water

Splashes were raised and it appeared after the alien fighter 's large mobile weapon

From this scene, remove the splashed splash of water.

Furthermore, removing the background blue sky will be like this

Next is a scene where a large mobile weapon has launched an attack against a missile destroyer on which the protagonists are riding

Cannonballs pierced the deck ... ...


View from above

Looking at the state of explosion as a layer will be as follows

The ship is not actually made, it sinks in the computer

The completed picture will look something like this

All aliens are also made by visual effects

It is this street actor being beaten at the time of shooting ... ...

The finished image has changed to an alien person


Cannonballs casually get over

When trying to disassemble ......

It was a very fine, made up of a number of parts

Hull which is damaged by shell

I tried to make the effect easier to understand

Furthermore, I will see how the moment the base is attacked is created. It is this video that looks like it was taken actually ... ...

First build a building

We will arrange the ground, smoke, fire and so on

Place sky video plus helicopter

Gorongoron and weapons flew away

Helicopter destroyed

Ship design is like this

Plus the image of the sea under the ship

Drop the wave splash from the top

It was completed


The income of a thing made by introducing a large amount is only 65 million dollars (about 5.7 billion yen), it is said to be the worst movie No. 1 in 2012, but a movie that seems to be fired well It has become. The budget you input and results are not necessarily connected.

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