Display on Google Maps whether a neighbor has a gun


A painful incident occurred on December 14 when a man with a gun invaded an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, shooting 26 people including 20 children, the man committed suicide. These shooting incidents are not so much, but it is a gun society that people who live next door have guns. So, in fact, New York newspaper actually carries out what happens if you actually show how many people possess a gun on the map, it is published on Google Maps.

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This is a map of West Chester County 's government office with "guns owned" data mapped on Google Maps. Permission to possess is updated for 5 years.

When it is up, it makes it possible to understand which household has a gun in considerable detail.

When clicked, the registered name and address are displayed.

West Chester County is in New York State, but also some people living in Hartford, Connecticut. Is it due to circumstances of the workplace?

This is from Rockland County. In this county the possession permission is a lifetime system, so it seems there is no need to update once it gets acquired. On the map, people who bought firearms within the past 5 years or who updated information on licenses are active as blue, people who do not see activity history in the last 5 years are displayed in purple as history. Some of the historic people may have died or some may have moved.

It is possessed by quite a few people, but it seems that half of them are active.

Furthermore, on December 14thSandy Hook primary school gun shooting incidentIn response, the National Rifle Association announces plans to place armed police officers at school to protect children.

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