SpaceX reusable rocket "Grasshopper" succeeded in vertical take-off and landing test of 40 m altitude

SpaceX, a private space company, is progressing developmentVertical take-off and landing aircraft (VTVL)Grasshopper 's takeoff and landing test took place in Texas, about 40 meters after lifting up, and succeeded in landing vertically as it was. SpaceX Corporation actually launched a rocket called Falcon 9 as a launch vehicle for cargo and spacecraft launching to space and this was also planned to be reused but it has not been successfully collected so far . If Grasshopper is completed, it will be able to use the aircraft for the next launch soon because it can landing vertically instead of landing after earth return.


SpaceX's Grasshopper successfully conducts a 40 meter leap |

SpaceX launches its Grasshopper rocket on 12-story-high hop in Texas - Cosmic Log

Grasshopper's test flight caught here in multi-angle.

Multi-Angle: Grasshopper 12-Story Test Flight 12/17/12 - YouTube

Grasshopper is made using the 1st stage rocket of Falcon 9.

The moment of ignition in the rocket

The launch itself jumps up slowly like the space shuttle.

However, there is no launch pad.

Grasshopper is stationary when floating about 40 m.

Although the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket itself has been successful four times so far, in the case of Grasshopper it is a question whether it can land from here.

Grasshopper slowly came down.

And ...

Landing. The combustion of the rocket also stopped.

When the smoke was clear, the figure of Grasshopper who landed a bit off the original position. The test flight is successful.

The image of the fixed point camera is here.

Single Camera: Grasshopper 12-Story Test Flight 12/17/12 - YouTube

It might look like a mistake if you look at the launch image that climbs up high in the sky.

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