Industry's highest resolution capable of realizing 100 frames per second CMOS image sensor for 20 megapixel digital cameras emerges from Toshiba

ByJason Pier in DC

In the compact digital camera market, although higher resolution products are being sought, high resolution means that the size of the photographing element increases, which means that the enclosure of the digital camera will be enlarged, In order to solve the problem, Toshiba finally achieves the industry's highest resolution by adopting the industry's smallest pixel size of 1.2 micrometer, which is the mainstream 1 / 2.3 type of photographic element size of compact digital cameras Successfully realizing 20 megapixels, it is said that mass production will start from the summer of 2013.

Toshiba: News Release (2012-12-26): On the Release of CMOS Image Sensor for Digital Camera

This is the BSI (backside illumination) type CMOS image sensor "TCM 5115 CL" realizing 20 megapixel which is the industry's highest resolution with 1 / 2.3 type photographic element size

With 20 megapixels, it is now possible to achieve a frame speed at movie shooting of 60 frames / sec in 1080p mode and 100 frames / sec in 720p mode, enabling high-speed shooting of HD movies , It will be possible to realize slow playback of smoother video.

In addition, Toshiba's proprietary pixel design technology and process technology make it possible to reduce the number of saturated electrons (the maximum number of electrons that can be stored per unit pixel) per unit area compared with the conventional 16 Mega pixel product (pixel size 1.34 micrometers) It improved by 15%, so you can realize clearer images as well.

Since sample shipment is in January 2013 and mass production is in summer of 2013, it seems that a new model will come out that is the same size as the one from now, and became more high spec. Smartphones are becoming a substitute for cameras and it seems that there is no meaning for digital cameras unless it is at a digital single lens level, but we also have a premonition that Condeji will make further evolution next year.

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