A project in which the appearance of the future of a car running on the road is projected in a window

If many of the cars in New York are BMW electric vehiclesBMW i 3And hybrid carBMW i8So what kind of change will happen? A window reflecting that it appeared at BMW stores. I projected the bicycle car converted to BMW car on Bryant Park Sixth Avenue on a big screen and at the same time it was calculated how much cost and CO2 can be reduced if the scene of the screen is true.

BMW i: A Window into the Near Future. - YouTube

Bryant Park, New York.

A huge screen is attached to the BMW building.

Children staring at the screen reflecting the state of Sixth Avenue.

It is a smile.

This is just a picture of the car, but a window showing the vision of the future car.

We used 80 thousand for this projectLumenSomething

Three cameras

And application to track car.

As I pass by the window, I can see that my car is in the image of the future.

At the same time, the window shows the number of cars converted to BMW's eco-car on that day and the cost that should be reduced by that.

Looking closely ... ....

People also take pictures.

This trial has been continued for a week, but if the scene reflected in the window is realistic, the cost of about 500 million dollars a year (about 40 billion yen) should be reduced annually.

It will also reduce CO2 emissions by 1.3 million tons per year.

In addition, this project was usedBMW iWill be released at the end of 2013.

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