A movie that connects impressive one scenes of science fiction movies

I expressed the unreal world with videoScience fiction moviesThe history has been long, many movies have been produced so far, but a movie that connects these impressive scenes is uploaded to YouTube.

Science Fiction: A Supercut (Glitch Mob remix "Monday") - YouTube

This isE. T.

Star Wars



TRON: Legacy

King Kong




V for Vendetta

Back to the Future


2001 Space Journey

Jurassic ParkAlso appeared.

Star Wars series R2-D2

Fifth element

Powerful in 3D videoAvatar. The worldwide box office revenue has recorded a record number of $ 2.64 billion (about 238.5 billion yen).

Inception. A moment to wake up from a dream by kick.


That name scene of the matrix also. I wonder if there are many people who imitated them.

Men In Black

Scene where the monkey of the journey of the universe will be able to use the tool in 2001.

TRON: Legacy

The Prototype

A Trip to the Moon

Eye robot


Indiana Jones / Kingdom of Crystal Skull


King Kong

Japanese TV anime "Mach GoGoGo」Was the original, was made into a movie by the Wachowski brothersSpeed ​​Racer

Cloud Atlas

Real Steel

In addition to this, there is one scene of many movies, and even if it is not a person who likes science fiction movies, there may be scenes that I have seen.

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