I tried an oversized hot dog with sausage more than 30 cm in length in New York

A review also on the New York TimesPublishedThe huge hot dog was Brooklyn Diner's ("Brooklyn Diner")15-bite Brooklyn Diner All Beef Hot Dog(19.95 dollars / around 1675 yen) ". I happened to go nearby by another coincidently, so I actually decided to go to the shop and try to eat it.

Brooklyn Diner

This time we visited near New York City center Times Square, a store in 155 West 43rd Street New York. There are also shops of the same line on 43rd Street.

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The appearance of a store that makes you feel good old USA.

There is also a Christmas holiday season, and the inside of the store is quite crowded.

Some people are waiting for their seat to stand in the shop.

The inside of the store seen from the counter seat is like this.

When checking the menu, "15-bite Brooklyn Diner All Beef Hot Dog"It is written purposely in red and it can be seen that it is a menu of crispy.

Basically it seems that all the dishes are made to be larger size, the glass of the water that was served first was also split and big size.

After waiting time of about 10 minutes "15-bite Brooklyn Diner All Beef Hot DogAppeared.

When trying to lift the dish with one hand, the weight feeling that the arm pulled up.

By comparing the size with "Xperia VL SOL 21" with a length of 129 mm equipped with a 4.3 inch screen, you can see the huge size of hot dog well.

Fried onion of garnish.

There is also a sauerkraut that seasoned cabbage with sour.

Having a hot dog with an adult male hand is like this. Even in the United States where the size of food is generally made larger, things of this size should be unusual.

Stuttering sausage that protrudes from the bread.

What impression, and intimidation.

Because it is not a size to be gimmicked very much, I will cut it with a fork and eat it. As sausage has a considerably salty taste, it is recommended to eat it with beer etc. I feel so salty if I eat it all the time, the latter half will be scratched.

When you apply mustard and ketchup, the taste becomes darker and dangerous.

Recommended when you want to make your mouth refreshing as it will be a crisp taste when put pickled pickles.

In order to eat while sandwiched between breads, it is necessary to eat by opening the large mouth with full force after grabbing and thinning with gutsu.

I managed to finish it.

That's why it's a recommended item for those who want to challenge Volume Food in New York.

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