Galaxy S III etc. have discovered serious vulnerability such as data erasure · function stop · easy access to user's data

ByPaul Jacobson

Developers gather information and make information public at forums etc.Xda-developersofAlephzainAccording to the report, multiple Samsung terminals discovered a serious vulnerability that could access all physical memory. This means that it is possible to erase data, stop the function of the terminal, and easily access user data.

[ROOT] [SECURITY] Root exploit on Exynos - xda-developers

What is covered
· "Samsung Galaxy S III"
· "Samsung Galaxy S II"
· "Samsung Galxy Note II"
·Other devices with Exynos processor (4210/4412)

"The good news about this vulnerability is that we can get root information on these devices easily, and bad news can not control it," Alephzain says. Also, although it is certainly possible to develop a way to access the user's physical memory, it is much easier for Samsung devices to allow access by downloading applications from Google Play And that. This security hole is dangerous and alephzain says that if the user information gets leaked to the malicious application, the user information will be leaked.

BySalvador Mujal i Valls

Also at this time Samsung has not issued any official comment yet, but he is a user of xda-developersSupercurioAccording to Samsung, he is already aware of this security hole.

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