King Osaka plenty of tofu with plenty of ginger and Japanese chrysanthemum flavored "Melting Crab Tofu Ramen" was just like eating like a pot

It was Osaka king's general "Osaka king" that put in crab's pork bones soup with ginger flavors, crab bark, spring chrysanthemum, white onions, plenty of tofuMelting Crab Tofu Ramen"(630 yen including tax). As the body seems to be warming, it is a perfect menu for winter, so I decided to eat it.

Osaka kingdom announcement of "Gotetsu menu" in winter

When arriving at Osaka king, I found a poster. There are some melting crab tofu ramen not depending on the store, so if you go to eat, you should look it in advance.

The product arrives in about 5 minutes after ordering, the red color of the crab, the yellow of ginger, the green of the spring chrysanthemum, etc. are rich in appearance. Also, it contained a lot of tofu more than expected, I was surprised a bit.

There are things of various sizes, such as thin gauzes or slightly thick ones like shredded ginger.

Chrysanthemums and crabs.

It also contains white onion and tofu, and it looks like a pot.

I will get out of you. It seems better to think that the taste of the crab is not so strong and it is the degree of flavoring. The taste of sliced ​​pork bone soup often sticks to slippery noodles, and the stronger scented chrysanthemum flavor enhances the taste and the flavor of ginger tightens the whole taste. It is plentiful ingredients, rather than ramen, it's like eating noodles in a pot.

The ingredients contain a lot of tofu, eat with soup and eat Uma. Volume is enough, too.

The taste of ginger exudes in the soup, and when you eat it with noodles it is a good feeling that the taste has vividness.

This taste is limited for a limited time, until February 28 (Thursday). There was no crab like I thought, but the flavor of ginger and chrysanthemum is felt well, the volume is enough with a lot of tofu. I felt as if I was leaning with feeling like eating a lot of pots.

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