Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park exciting about the smell of adventure

As we go to the south of America, the shape of the plant changes shape and rush into the arid zone. Because it is Japan with high humidity surrounded by the ocean, the dry place where it does not rain is far away. It is the stage of western play and Indiana Jones series. Or Dragon Ball's Namek star. From this dry southern part of Utah to ArizonaGrand CircleIt is an area where the national parks including the Grand Canyon are said to be densely populated. After leaving Salt Lake City, I saw the Zion National Park of the valley and strange rock, the Bryce Canyon National Park where the pillars are forested, and went around. I get a smell of adventure The excitement feeling I can not suppress does not collect.

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. I ran out of the Grand Circle area over a month since I left Salt Lake City.

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Salt Lake City in early October was easy to spend the sunshine during the day during the day. Even such calm days will turn around as cold waves come. The snow which continued for three days dyed the town in white.

Snow covered

For a while the cold was also a tough run

The sun is out, but the temperature does not rise there during the day. Since I was running in places without people, it is a large snowfield as far as I can see. Still, if you keep going south for about 300 km, the snow will disappear. From there it never got bothered by snow.

One safe thanks to shepherds who are grazing

Even though there was snow till the day before.

From the city of La Verkin, climb one slope to Zion National Park. It is like an entrance to another world .... Once climbed, it is flat up to Zion National Park. I arrived at the campground in Zion National Park on the 6th since I left Salt Lake City.

Go over this slope to Zion National Park

A rocky mountain on the way to Zion National Park

The Zion Valley before the sunset

The direction in which I ran and the campsite

Zion National ParkSpeaking of which is famous for the Zion valley cut by the Virgin River, I ran a little in the morning. The Zion Valley, located north from the campground, will be a dead end so we will put the baggage at the campground. I felt a feeling of pressure on the rocky mountain rising on both sides of the road and a sense of running through between the skyscrapers in Tokyo.

Run through the Zion Valley

Three rock peaks called "Court of the Patriarchs".

A road meandering a valley

The Virgin River which made the Zion Valley

The end point of the road laid in the Zion valley is "Temple of Sinawava"

Even only in the valley breathtaking, I join the autumn tints ......

I can not move around Iwamine

"Great White Throne" is the world's largest monolith. The altitude difference with the Virgin River exceeds 700 m.

camp site

Once again, the Zion Valley in the morning.

After leaving the campground, turn to the east and proceed "Mount Cameroon Highway (UT - 9)". After going up the road that faded through the tunnel and going out into the plateau, the road also continues to Bryce Canyon National Park. When I entered the plateau rocks showed a different shape from the Zion valley.

In a valley like a wall ......

I am going to climb continually. It is gentle, the scenery is beautiful, ideal as a charrider.

Rocky mountain being cut like a bridge

Near the top of the pass.

The summit is a tunnel and bicycles are not allowed to pass. I caught an American who drives a truck and had my bicycle on the loading platform.

When you go out to the plateau, the sky spreads.

Who hurt the pattern?

Rock rocks

It has a shape like a Fuji vault that got on the ground

It is thin and brittle, but it can not break because it is a rock

There is a river that scrapes rocks at the bottom

As the name suggests, "Checkerboard Mesa" is a grid pattern on the rock surface.

After leaving Zion National Park, we will aim for Blythe Canyon National Park. It is only 138 km apart, but I got tired as I had to raise the altitude above 1000 m. The edge of Bryce Canyon will be near the altitude of 2400 m.

Overlooking the highlands.

Red Canyon in front of Bryce Canyon National Park

Crimson rocky skin

Tunnel is also on the road.

The altitude is 7777 feet, that is, the altitude is 2307 meters.

Bryce Canyon National ParkI arrived at the campsite in the afternoon, set out a tent and then went sightseeing. Bryce Canyon has a strange landscape with columns of giant anthilles called "soil pillars" eroded by water and wind densely in a circular space. It was spectacular for the view from the high places, but if you go inside and walk, you can enjoy Bryce Canyon more.

Bryce Canyon overlooking "Inspiration Point"

You can see the earth anywhere

This is also far.

A pillar is an audience in an amphitheater!

Slope with deep mortar shape

As you walk through the edge and the angle changes, the visible scenery also changes.

The contents of the cliffs are scraped and into the arch.

Bryce Canyon seen from "Bryce Point"

I will walk a little on the trail

Tunnel at the end of the road

The soil pillar left alone without being scraped here

Surface as if melting

Looking up from the top the arch seen from above.

I will get off steadily

Column forest seen from clearance

Rocks called thunder god hammer (center) and Three Sisters (right)

Dusk seen from "Sunset Point"

The color of the rock was clear at dusk

Night comes to Bryce Canyon

Because it was past 17 o'clock in the evening, we thought that it was enough to surround from noon, but after 15 o'clock the sunlight will not reach the Bryce Canyon. Because it is not interesting only with dark photos, I walked again the next morning. When the light spreads to the bottom of the valley, the visible scenery also changes.

Bryce Canyon seen from "Sunrise Point"

Earth pillar is also brilliant

I will get down to the bottom of the valley

Round valley bottom

Look up at the pillar.

"I think that if the life-sized person makes an anthill, it might be this size."

Comparison of earth and pillars against trees

If plants germinate, you will live anywhere.

To get closer to the blue sky, stretch your height even in such a place.

Blythe Canyon is a natural maze

From "Sunset Point" after trekking.

The morning is more brilliant overall

Walk through the pool and return to "Sunrise Point".

In Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park, it is not useful for anything of size or time that humans can handle. That is why you will be deprived. Grand Circle is not over yet. It accelerated further and was overwhelmed by the scale of the earth.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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