It was decided on the city where Tokyo was considered the most highly appreciated by travelers around the world, the point that was regarded as good was like this


As a result of conducting a world city survey by travelers (75,000 people) targeting 40 major cities in the world, it is the Tokyo's best hotel to have the highest average of all items,trip advisorWas announced by.

TripAdvisor Cities survey of the world by travelers
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As a result of the survey, Tokyo is ranked 1st in Tokyo. Then I will continue with Singapore and Munich (Germany). This 'city survey of the world by travelers' visited the major 40 cities of the world in 2012 and targets 75 thousand travelers who posted a review to the ten questions, Based on the experiences of visiting the city, it seems to have been evaluated with a score of 0 to 10 points. For each city, average values ​​are calculated based on responses of at least 300 people in all cities.

Below, detailed results of 10 items are announced.

◆ 01: Were local people kind?
The first place is Cancun, Mexico, the second is Tokyo.

Cancun is such a place. It is said to be a world famous beach resort located in Yincitan Peninsula, Quintanaro, Mexico.

ByNicolas Karim

◆ 02: Was the taxi driver kind?
Tokyo gained the 1st place in this item. Cancun who ranked first was second.

◆ 03: What is the overall evaluation of taxi service?
Following "Was the taxi driver friendly?" Tokyo also ranked number one. Singapore in second place, Dubai in third place (United Arab Emirates).

◆ 04: Was the city clean?
Even then again, Tokyo is No. 1. Both Tokyo and Singapore are nine points, both of which are highly appreciated by travelers. The 40th place in Mumbai (India) is quite low during the entire question, the only 3 points and the appraisal from travelers is quite low.

◆ 05: How easy is it to move around the city?
Zurich (Switzerland), which is the only nine point range, ranked number one. Tokyo is 7th in this item.

◆ 06: What is the evaluation of public transportation?
In this item, Tokyo returned to 1st place. For example,The number of trains and the accuracy of timeIt seems that it is evaluated.

◆ 07: How satisfied are you with the amount paid (cost performance)?
Tokyo ranked number 26 in the rankings. Considering the yen's appreciation in recent years, it seems that the cost performance was felt lower for travelers from overseas.

◆ 08: How satisfied are you with shopping?
First place is New York (USA), second place is Bangkok (Thailand), and third place is Dubai (United Arab Emirates). Tokyo is fifth.

◆ 09: Were you more than you expected before you go?
Only this question item, the one with fewer points will be highly evaluated. Tokyo is tenth.

Furthermore, Budapest in 1st place is like this

ByMiroslav Petrasko (

Second place in Lisbon

ByChris Yunker

Cape Town 3rd place

ByMartie 1 swart

◆ 10: Did you feel safe?
In this item, Tokyo is ranked 1st, and it is 9.51 and it is highly appreciated. The second place is Singapore and the third is Dubrovnik (Croatia).

Among 10 items in Tokyo, "Are taxi drivers kind?" "What is the overall evaluation of taxi service?" "Was the town clean in the city?" "What was the evaluation of public transportation?" "Safety and feeling It is the result of 1st place in 5 items of "Taka?"

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