Windows 8 triples market share in 1 month after release

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Net Market ShareAccording to the OS share survey for November 2012 by 2012, it is clear that the market share of Windows 8 released on October 26 has tripled compared with the time of the preview version.

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The No. 1 share in November 2012 is Windows 7 (40.64%), the second place Windows XP (35.17%). Windows Vista (4.88%) continued quite a distance, from there through the iPad, Mac OS X, etc, the Windows 8 was 0.96%. In the aggregate result of October, which is before the general release of Windows 8, the share of Windows 8 was 0.35%, which means that it has grown about three times.

It is the top two OS shares in the past six months. Although the battle of Windows 7 and Windows XP continues, the share of XP has declined since 0.08 points in August, and then the share of XP has declined, with 5 points difference from 7.

There are about 30 points difference between the 2nd and 3rd place, and it is different from Windows Vista, iPad, iPhone, Mac OS X (10.6 / 10.7 / 10.8), Linux, Android (2.3 / 4.0), Windows 8 And so on are continuing.

Vista steadily loses market share, Mac OS X is gradually moving to the latest version. Windows 8 is like Android 4.0 like a rival.

Finally when Windows XP which looked like an iron wall started sliding down, it is quite a shock that the difference with 7 is opening.

Also, as Windows Vista decreases at this pace, it is likely to be overtaken by the iPad in around half a year.

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