I went to see because the illumination of 14 4750 LED lights coloring the Kyoto station big staircase seemed pretty good

Kyoto station which shines with illumination every year at Christmas, this year, in commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the opening of the Kyoto station building, in addition to the usual Christmas tree, 11 4750 LED lights show a brilliant pattern on the 125 steps large stairway It draws one after another "Graphical Illumination"It is going to see what kind of feeling it actually is because it is held.

Kyoto Station Building "Large staircase LED illumination": JR West Japan

Kyoto Station Building Christmas Illumination 2012

Arrived at Kyoto Station.

As soon as entering the station, you can see the tree on the right.

I climbed the escalator and when I arrived at the open space on the third floor with a tree, I found a figure of the big staircase.

In the big staircase, images using LED lights are emerging every several ten minutes. Green and red stripes first flowed from the top of the stairs.

The appearance of the big staircase where various patterns are drawn as the LED light turns on is as follows.

I saw the illumination of the major stairs in Kyoto Station with 14 4750 LED lights - YouTube

I thought that it turned red, there were snow here.

The character "Merry Christmas" emerges.

Now the numbers emerge, making me feel like a clock.

Inside the watch gears are spinning.

Eventually the gears will become snow crystals.

Ornaments came down from the top.

Next is the appearance of colorful umbrella.

...... I thought that it was a merry-go-round, I found a figure of a jumping horse.

The staircase got dull blue ......

Large snow fell.

Snowman is completed.

A big bell shakes with the ribbon.

A note rising from the bottom of the stairs.

It will rise with fluffy.

It seems that the notes are popping out of the trumpet.

Then the stars fell.

I think that the blue illumination has turned into Saas and Orange ... ...

It is a gift box that has fallen from above.


As the ribbon does it will unravel.

And a toy and a toy pops out from inside.

A red curtain comes down from the top ... ...

The illumination turns red in color.

Colorful polka dots and toy soldiers appear on the red curtain.

This time the green curtain came down from the top.

Illumination that had been bright red until a while changed to green all the time.

And lastly a Christmas tree appeared.

Looking at changing the angle is like this.

You can check how the scene of the above picture was moving in the following movie.

"Graphical · Illuminations 2012" at the Kyoto Station building big staircase - YouTube

Kyoto station big staircase illumination and Christmas tree - YouTube

Merry Christmas in KYOTO 2012 - YouTube

I actually went up to the big staircase shining with the illustration of the tree.

I went up to the illumination tree of Kyoto station big staircase - YouTube

Looking down from the top of the stairs looks like this.

The huge tree in front of the big staircase also changes color to match the music. This is the front. It is light up to purple.

Brilliant blue.


And green.

Looking up from the bottom, it is the magnitude of de force.

From around the middle of the staircase, you can see the whole picture of the tree without having to hurt your neck.

The tree's ornament looks something like this.

Leases are decorated on the fence.

There are lots of people watching the illumination around the tree.

Illumination is given to various places as well as trees and stairs. Light in the shape of a flower on the wall.

Light decorations also on escalators.

The trees planted in front of the station also have vivid lights.

Merry Christmas!

Also, there is the East Square in front of the entrance to the central entrance of Kyoto station and going up the escalator on the left quickly and this is also beautifully lighted up.

The trees are light up in blue.

And in the middle there was a brilliant scallop.

Everywhere is full of light.

Illumination decoration also on the side of the central concourse escalator.

Looking from the station building is like this.

According to the information of the Kyoto Station building, the time period when the large staircase escalator is lit is from 17 o'clock to 23 o'clock, but the illumination of the big staircase itself ends at 22 o'clock. The message "good night sweet dreams!" (Good night, have a nice dream) emerged on the big staircase.

At 22:30 the illumination of the major stairway disappeared completely, only the tree shining.

And at 23 o'clock the tree also turned off.

There is an escalator right and left immediately after entering the station premises of the central mouth of Kyoto station, but as you rise up the escalator on the opposite side from the one with the tree, you can see the whole picture of the tree with the large staircase as a background from directly Not only because people are few, it is recommended.

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