I went to the Burger King to eat "Egg & Egg Wapper" with Egg & Bacon at + 10 yen on the Wapper

Speaking of Burger King, a huge hamburger "Wapper" is famous, and this time we've topped a bacon and an egg on that whipper "Bacon Egg Wapper"Was released. It is a profitable content that you can enjoy only by placing just 10 yen on the Wapper of 420 yen, so I decided to go eat it.


Arrived at the Burger King in Christmas mode decorated with trees.

I found a bacon egg waiter. When you try topping on a single item wrapper, you can eat at 430 yen if the egg is +100 yen, bacon (3 pieces) is +60 yen and usually 580 yen if it is normal. Considering that the single item of Wapper is 420 yen, it is quite profitable.

That's why I ordered it. Even Wapper alone has sufficient sense of volume, but it looks even bigger by eggs.

Try it out like this.

From the side, I can not go as far as the posters, but still the height is felt.

Lettuce at the top of the contents

Next two tomatoes

Mei Maru's fried egg

Below that there is a slice onion ...

And you can see pickles, bacon and wappers. Burger King and so forth are quite luxurious, the volume is enough.

When I put it on my palm, it is about this size. It is a slight difficulty to spill down the equipment if you try to hold it with one hand. Where you want me to improve such as wrapping paper like bags like Moss Burger.

Although I do not know clearly the taste of each ingredient, it is a multilayered feeling mixed with various tastes, and it is especially usedHeinzThe contents that you can understand well that the ketchup with rich ingredients summarizes the taste of each ingredient well.

As I continued to eat it, I was able to meet the yolk part of the egg. Because the taste of the sauce is not so dense, you can taste the mellow flavor of yolk firmly. There is quite a sense of volume, but since the seasoning is so smooth and there is no persistence, even if you finish eating it does not have the pain like coming to the stomach for the volume.

According to Burger King, it is scheduled to be around December 25th that it can be eaten at 430 yen depending on the stock situation at each store. People who hesitated on price and hesitated topping, seems to try the taste added bacon & egg on this occasion.

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