"Hobbitt's unexpected adventure" The latest trailer with Japanese subtitle movie, legendary fantasy yesterday who had a tremendous influence on the work from Ranobhe to RPG

It has been translated into more than 40 languages, and there are enthusiastic fans around the worldJ · R · R · TolkienA monumental novel's monument "Adventure of the hobbit". Based on that novel "Lord of the Ring"The director, staff, movie that Cast collects again and the movie is"Hobbit unexpected adventure(The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey) ".

Hobbit unexpected adventure

This time, the opening of the trailer with Japanese subtitles of the same work which began to be released from Friday, 14th December 2012 began, so the action scenes and the spectacular scenes that were pictured in the video shot at the high frame rate of 48 fps Let's take a look at the scenery.

Movie "Hobbitt's unexpected adventure" Trailer with Japanese subtitles - YouTube

It is the hero of this work that is showing an uneasy expression when being invited to "travel adventure?" It is Bilbo Baggins of a small race tribe "Hobbit" who loves peace living in a small country village.

The lord of the voice inviting Bilbo to travel is a mysterious wizard Gandalf.

The spectacular scenery of being mainly taken in New Zealand is also the point of the work.

The members of this trip were Bilbo, Gandalf, and 13 dwarfs who first appeared.

Dwarven leader this guy Torin. In descendants of the lost kingdom, I will go on a journey aiming to overthrow the wicked dragon smog that destroyed his country.

Bilbo nestling in a place considered a cave.

Gandalf and the dwarves who go to the ground.

Dwarven Thorin and Hobbit 's Bilbo. Why do two people of different races meet and why will they travel together?

The figure of Bilbo going on a journey.

Torin to warn you that it is a life-long trip.

It is the wizard Gandalf that answers "I understand". At first sight it seems to be a weak old man, but if you watch "Lord of the Rings", it is clear that he is a tremendously strong character. But what is waiting on a journey that even such Gandalf is dangerous?

Bilbo holding a sword. Since the hobbit is not a tribe who likes fight originally, it should not be used to handling weapons.

Bilbo is scoffing that the scene changes and it is projected.

The enemy is a huge troll.

Bilbo Danger.

The director is working on the "Lord of the Ring" trilogy, and in the final story the master who won the Academy AwardPeter Jackson.

A dwarf that helps Bilbo that is about to fall off the cliff. It may be that Bilbo, who is unfamiliar with traveling and fighting, is dressed up by his colleagues.

Bilbo confronting the enemy with a sword in hand.

A mysterious man riding the sled and running through the forest.

Elf Galadriel who has also emerged in "Lord of the Rings" also appears again.

Action scene in the cave.

A trolle approaching the inverted Bilbo.

Army that appeared in a huge cave.

Gandalf on the tree.

An agile and ferocious enemy Wague who chases the dwarfs.

Bilbo of uneasy expression lurking in the cave.

In the back behind him, a shadow murmuringly creepy with the hilarious voice "My precious".

The release of this film in Japan will be on December 14th (Friday) 2012, 3D / 2D simultaneous screening is scheduled. In addition, this work was filmed with the number of frames which is twice as much as the general movie of 48 frames per second, and it is uri that you can enjoy clear videos even in fast moving scenes.

The official images released simultaneously with the trailer are as follows.

Gandalf stands at Hobbit Shu (Shia).

Bilbo who reads letters or documents like contracts in front of the dwarves.

Galadriel and Gandalf.

Elound which governs the crater, Elf lives.

Goram which is not an exaggeration even if it is said to be the hero of the shadow also appears again.

The image of the official poster is as follows.

Following "Lord of the Rings", Gandalf that seems to be able to be useful in this work as well.

Those of Bilbo 's design that became a big picture.

A poster designed for Japan that strikes strongly the characters and images of "Lord of the Rings".

In addition, this work is part 1 of the trilogy which is scheduled to be released next year and the next year, and the release schedule of the sequel is as follows.

·Part 2 "Hobbit Smawg's Turf"
Scheduled to be released in Japan on Friday 13 December 2013
·Part 3 "Hobbit Yukiri and Returning Story"
Scheduled to be released on Friday, July 18, 2014

"Hobbit unexpected adventure"

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