"DesktopSnowOK" free software to snow on the desktop

Free software that can let something other than snow and snow on the desktop "DesktopSnowOK"is. It can be started on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8. About the setting method etc. from the following.

Download DesktopSnowOK 2.22

Click "DesktopSnowOK_x64.zip" on the above site.

Download the downloaded ZIP fileExplzhUnzip it with "DesktopSnowOK_x64.exe" launched.

Snow will fall on the desktop and the setting screen will be displayed.

On the setting screen, it is possible to set Flakes (number of snow), Transparency (transparency of snow), Speed ​​(speed of falling snow).

This is the screen when maximizing the number of snow.

Also, if you want to remove snow when you move the mouse and when you press the key, select "If pressing a key or mouse events" from "None" in Deactivation.

To set the number of seconds erasing snow, click "5 sec" on this screen and select the number of seconds OK.

If you want to alter the snowfall and float up, click "Snowfall" of Algorithm and select "Blow".

You can also activate / deactivate (enable / disable feature) and Start with Windows (resident setting).

If you want to sell something other than snow, change it by clicking "Flake (12-2)" on this screen in Image / Texture.

An example of when something other than snow is let down is as follows.

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