I have tried to eat the latest Apa president series 'Apa president senbei'

Apa Hotel to Apa President Curry, Fuji River Natural Water, Apa President Following Ramen "Apa president rice cracker"Was released on Saturday, December 1st. Mr. Motoya 's face picture of the president of the package, of course, is included, and the price is 100 yen per bag. This time the "Kuriyama candy"A fool"As a collaboration product, I decided to try out what kind of taste at once.

Apa Hotel × Kuriyama Confectionery Collaboration, "Apa President Rice Crackers" New Release!

Arrived at APA Hotel.

Purchases are accepted at the front desk.

It seems that the sale of Fuji River source natural water, apa president ramen is continuing.

So, get Apa president cracker! As a consistent objective of the Apa President's Series, it also serves as an emergency food for stockpiling food, so it is said that APA Hotel nationwide always keeps certain inventory at all times. The expiration date is said to be 150 days.

"I am the president.And it looks like a package that I heard soon.

This time it is a product by collaboration with "Baka back" of Kuriyama rice cake.

Energy per bag (30 grams) is 132 kcal.

Raw materials such as glutinous rice.

When opened it looks like this, it smells fragrant rice crackers from the inside.

When you put it in the palm of your hand, it is one size.

It is a standard seasoning as rice cracker called blue rose soy sauce taste.

The taste is a pleasant taste of blue skill and soy sauce, surely it has a pleasant taste, but this is not a novelty taste. However, this familiar taste seems to make me relieve, for example on a business trip, when I take a break in a hotel.

When the amount is small enough to eat small hungry, it is just good feeling, further easy to carry. When using the hotel, it seems to be good if you accompany tea or dinner. Also, it is ant to buy souvenirs and eat with beer in the shinkansen returning from business trip.

In addition, there are also 40 packs (4000 yen) per box and 200 pieces (20000 yen) in 1 set of 5 boxes,Internet salesThere is also.

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