Reproduce the taste of KFC's on-flight meal in JAL "AIR Kentucky Fried Chicken" Tasting Review

KFC 's fried chicken will appear in JAL' s in - flight meal. this"AIR Kentucky Fried Chicken"It will be launched from Saturday, 1 December, and it will be offered on JAL international flights, Western routes. As the altitude changes, the taste changes, but I tried it from the ground, but what kind of taste it really is.

November 28, 2012 Available Flying Fried Chicken "AIR Kentucky Fried Chicken" Available

When you arrive at the venue,"Fly in the sky" projectIn collaboration with JAL at Ghibli's "Machines that take imaginary skies"Arsine appearing in the exhibition was exhibited.

It is like this inside the hall.

Kernar · Sanders statue greeted with three consecutive sheets.

First of all, greetings from JAL's president Ueki and Mr. Watanabe from KFC. Watanabe appeared in the same outfit as Kernel Sanders, fired well. Looking closely, the hairstyle is similar.

The on-board meal of waiting was carried. You can taste a little flight feeling in the same cart that is used inside the airplane.

Chicken comes in a special box with kernel and sanders.

Paccat and open. Two kinds of chicken are contained, the left is chicken with bone using wing origin, the right is chicken fillet of mune one piece of meat. I also stick to the size of chicken so that it is the best condition in the cabin facilities. In addition, KFC uses a pressure cooker when frying chicken but adjusts the pressure so that you can enjoy the same taste as on the ground even if you eat it inside the cabin. Because it is impossible to use the fire in the aircraft, it seems that the fried on the ground is heated and provided in the oven inside the aircraft.

Firstly from bone chicken.

I think that the seasoning changes slightly because the altitude changes, unexpectedly the same taste as usual KFC. Because, as a result of repeated in-flight verification, the taste such as spice did not change even if the altitude changed, so it seems that it was supposed to be offered in the same flavor as on the ground even in the plane.

Next I will eat it with this flat bread. Although it is thin and flat shape ... ....

In realityChicken fillet sandYou can eat it as a burger like.

First of all, the supplied mayo sauce is dyed in bread

Next, put on the lettuce which is also attached

Put chicken fillet on top of it.

done. Bread with a moist texture is compatible with chicken fillets. Bread has a unique shape, but it is good that the ingredients are hard to spill when sandwiched.

Chicken is said to be devising heating temperature and heating time in the oven so that it has the same taste as on the ground. Though we tasted this time is not exactly the same as the heating condition inside the cabin, the chicken fillet was juicy and tasted meat, it was the taste of KFC.

Also, a cheese throw salad comes with it.

This in-flight meal is served in the premium economy and economy classes for New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, London, Paris, Frankfurt from Narita, JAL international flights, European and American routes, and the period is from December 1, 2012 to 2013 It is on February 28th (* from 2nd December 2012 to 28th February 2013 on the San Diego line ※). By saying chicken, it seems to be just right if you ride the Christmas season.

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