How did an ordinary house cat transform herself into a jumping cat that jumped a little more than five times its height?

About five times the height of the catJumping forceAlthough it is said that there is a day, if you hang a wet toy near the ceiling, cat jumps at it and jumping cat and transfiguration will show off the splendid jumping power suddenly the ordinary house cat suddenly. Such a jumping cat's "Nya AssistantA movie that summarizes the transition of how the jumping cat became a fine method from the kitten era is published on YouTube.

Moving of the cat (highlights movie) - YouTube

A cat that relaxes on the part of the owner who flaps in preparation for moving by saying "Today is the day of moving".

Dating back 10 months ago ... and the memorial began.

The kitten who came under the owner "Sushiro Tadoro" was named "meow assist" because he was a boy.

With both hands on both feet raised and I'm on holiday.

Select the "look up" command in front of the blue box.

Sushi was looking through this!

What was this inside was an all - round kitty!

Try on yourself reflected in the mirror ... ...

Try playing in the box.


I will present a bear's stuffed animal with a curious kitten Nya assist. Everything started from here ....

When you throw a bear's stuffed animal, it stuffed my eyes and it runs all at once.

From this day, the bear's stuff reigns first place in meow subsidized toys.

No matter how many times I throw it, meow assistant who turns herself with a basket and chases a stuffed animal.

But this time it looks a little different.

Following the form of meow subsidiary ......

The bear's stuffed animal was stuck in the water in the dish.

I can not help it, so I hang it with clothespins and dry. Meow assistance is gazing at peacefully.


I caught hold by a corner hanger and dangle.

Mr. meow aiming to stare here from the bottom of the court.

A brilliant catch of the ball that Sushiro tossed

And block!

From this time onwards meow assistance dropping the stuffed toy into the water.

I aim for a stuffed doll hung around a corner hanger.

It looks staring at the stuffed toy from the floor.

I think that I jumped, I kick the wall.

And get a triangle jump.

Although meow subsidy full of wild taste, it seems that those who can get wet are not good at it.

Next time I will hang a stuffed toy in a position that the triangle jump does not reach.


Vashi! It reached the stuffed doll with a splendid leap.

I will look at the leap of meow subsidiary at multi angle.

More than twice the size of my body is flying.


Scenery in the kitchen.

If you think that meow subsidy appeared, open the drawer ......

Hiko and jump on it.


When giving a new mouse stuffed animal, meow assistance is deprived of rat by mice.

Challenge the limits with rats.

It is a mild leap with Pyonetsu.

I struck the bashi and the mouse with my hand.

And the mouse flew towards the corridor.

Looking at the leap at the angle from above it looks like this.


I think I jumped again ...

It was possible to open the door yourself.

It is possible to eat while standing with two legs.

And at the end you aimed for prey ......


It was a wonderful catch.

Omake. A suspicious person called a mustache on sunglasses approaches meow.

A little surprised.

It's a bit off.

Even my parents have never hit it!

Besides thisKinkan Cat (Jumping cat)Several meow subsidiary movies have been uploaded to YouTube.

150 cm, 160 cm, 170 cm ... and so on gradually increasing the position of the prey and extending the leap ... ... also the movie.

There is no enemy for the vertical jump of the car quake. NOTHING CAN RIVAL THE JUMPING CAT! - YouTube

In addition, I spelled my everyday with meow subsidyblogAlso exists.

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