A site infiltration report to land the fiber optic cable supporting the Internet from the coast, this is a huge submarine optical fiber network "SJC" connecting Japan and Southeast Asia!

A total extension of about 9000 km connecting Japan and Southeast Asia with construction cost of about 36 billion yen (400 million dollars)Submarine cableA huge project to build up the net "SJC(Southe-East Asia Japan Cable) "work is under way to start operation in 2013. This timeCable manufactured in KitakyushuI was able to cover the situation of being connected to a land relay station from the offshore Boso peninsula in Chiba Prefecture where it was laying place, so I paid all the details of it to the photograph.

Conclusion of Construction and Maintenance Agreement for Optical Submarine Cable "SOUTH-EAST ASIA JAPAN CABLE SYSTEM" Between Japan and Singapore

※ As of November 2012, contents are partially different from those at the time of announcement in 2009

The cable landing operation was carried out at the coast of Minamiboso, Chiba Prefecture. The reason why the cable laying point was chosen as this place is because it is the shortest distance connecting Singapore, Japan and the West Coast of the United States, and it is also a place adjacent to metropolitan areas such as Tokyo.

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Arrived at the Chikura submarine line relay station that is in line with the early morning landing operation.

Plate in front gate.

When walking towards the sea in front of the building, I found a signboard "50 m ahead of construction".

Just a coast where almost no surroundings.

On the coast where landing is carried out, KDDI which makes equity investment and NEC which manufactures cables perform constructionKCS(International Cable Ship Co., Ltd.) and others are gathered.

A sign that "It is laying out the communication cable" is written.

From the ocean side you can see the officials and the press gathered in the tent. The building that is seen behind is the Chikura submarine line relay station, and drawing the cable from the sea into this building is the aim of this work.

First we will start accepting for press.

Get helmets and hot cookies at reception.

So, let's go to the scene where the undersea cable is being landing by wearing a helmet.

◆ Landing of submarine cable

A rope forbidden from entering is stretched around the site of the landing, and the invasion of vessels to nearby offshore is also restricted during work.

Since the cable which has finished landing is buried deep under the sandy beach, heavy equipment for work is prepared.

Looking at the scene where the submarine cable is landing up from afar, it is like this.

In the offshore I loaded cables that are going to be laid in the sea from now onLaying ship"KDDI Pacific Link"Is anchored.

By the way, why did you bother to make and carry in Kitakyushu without manufacturing cables in Chiba at the laying point? The reason is that it is necessary to have a vast site, a harbor with which a large ship can be berthed, a stable ground and so on to the manufacturing factory of the cable, because the place for that was not able to secure around Chiba prefecture.

Since the sea floor near the landing location is too shallow for the laying ship to enter, the cable with the float attached will be flowed from the offshore, pulling the rope attached to it will land on the beach.

A press coverage of the situation of work.

When the float (tire tube) tied to the towing rope flew to the beach, the crew of the beach will detach the work.

Also cut the knot wound around the rope.

The part with a yellow float is a part where the tow rope and the optical submarine cable main body are connected.

The cable body has been unloaded.

Because the cable is wrapped with metal wire etc. and is heavy so that it does not cut easily, put the pulley on the sandy beach and let it pass over it.

A cable that is carried to the back of the beach via a device called a turnship.

It is a machine like this that is towing.

Cable connected straight to the ship.

Water is applied to the cable with a hose, and it is designed to wash away sand and sea water while landed.

Looking at the state of landing from a place slightly far away is like this.

The tip of the cable that passed through the towing machine is pulled by the hand of a person and it is placed on the beach.

The tip part is as follows.

Here we stop the work and a ceremony for the press will be held.

People gathering around the tip of the cable.

A helicopter helicopter from the TV station is also flying above the sky.

Champagne to celebrate successful landing appears.

Jabber Jabber.

After this, put the tip of the cable in a tunnel dug in the beach, and work to draw in the Chikura submarine line relay station located ahead will be done.

◆ Outside the relay station

Outline of the Chikura submarine line relay station which becomes the hub of the huge communication network of 9000 km total which connects Singapore from the US West Coast is the following as the point of drawing in the cable.

Looking at the coast where the cable is landed from the rooftop of the relay station, it looks like this. The sea is just ahead of the building with a single road.

Landing cables enter the interior through the groove next to the building.

The tip of the cable which was landed today passed through the underground tunnel and arrived at the building.

After this, after actually testing with the internal communication equipment and power supply, if there is no abnormality, the laying ship berthing offshore will leave for Singapore.

Inside the relay station

Entrance to cable entrance tunnel inside building.

The picture is another cable which has already been connected, but after cables which are landed this time are connected, they should be roughly the same as the following pictures.

Cable connecting the Japan and the West Coast "UnityDiscovered.

Optical fibers branched from the cables are connected to machines that process signals through the ceiling.

A state where the signal processing device is aligned with the slurry. In addition, shooting with each machine up was not good.

The air-conditioning equipment for keeping the equipment temperature at about 26 degrees is like this.

A cable extending over 9000 km is equipped with a repeater for amplifying the signal every certain section, and power is supplied from both ends by the following machine.

At the time of a power outage, the entire facility was first powered by the battery, and automatically switched to a self-generated power generator that used diesel oil within 30 seconds and it was able to operate with no replenishment for about 56 hours.

In addition, this facility seems to be able to continue operation even in the 2011 East Japan great earthquake, seems to be made quite robust so that the infrastructure of information will not be disconnected even in the event of a disaster. However, if the Nankai Trough Earthquake occurred, it is said that there is a possibility that a tsunami of 8 m or more will be flowing into the area where this building exists, so it seems necessary to further strengthen the facility to withstand it.

The surrounding wall is made of a material that absorbs elastic sound in order to suppress noise when the power generator is in operation.

Emergency fire extinguishing equipment.

So, we connect Japan and Southeast AsiaSJC(Southe-East Asia Japan Cable)Previous articleAs manufactured in Kitakyushu, it was shipped, shipped to off Boso off Chiba Prefecture, and connection with the terminal was completed. In the future, laying work for Singapore will be carried out by cable ship. According to KDDI's manager Toshihiko Yumoto Network Technology Division, when this cable is completed, it is possible to communicate at the initial value of 16 Tbps and then at 23 Tbps, from 8 to 20 times in 2011 from the year 2011 to 2018 It is supposed to support traffic demand in Southeast Asia which is expected to increase to.

Incidentally,SJCEven if the operation of the general Internet users begin to experience the speed improvement, for example, in the case of a company with a data center in Japan to provide services for Indonesia such as low latency There seems to be merit that processing becomes possible.

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