I tried using the USB 3.0 connection display "plus one" which makes it easy to create a dual monitor environment

It is easy to add a display just by connecting with a PC with a single USB 3.0 cable and you will be able to work on a spacious screen,Plus oneIt is LCD - 9700U3 (direct sales price including tax 19,800 yen)].

Plus one (LCD - 9700U3) | Century (CENTURY)

The package looks something like this.

In addition to the main body, the contents are the USB 3.0 cable, the installation disk of the driver, and the instruction manual.

The display is a glare (gloss) type with IPS liquid crystal of 9.7 inches.

The main body size is 239 × 195 × 28 mm thick.



The power supply looks like this.

When you insert the disc and launch the driver installer, you will be prompted to agree to the license and click "I agree".

After that we will wait so the setting will be automatic automatically OK.

Just connecting with the PC, the dual display environment is completed in a moment.

The resolution is 1024 × 768 and the luminance is maximum 400 cd. The contrast ratio is 600: 1 and the response speed is 30 ms.

I tried magnifying the logo on the upper left corner of GIGAZINE.

Please check the following movie to see how actually GIGAZINE is displayed.

I tried using USB 3.0 connection display "plus one" - YouTube

That's why it's easy to add a sub-display to a notebook PC, which weighs about 510 grams so lightly that it's possible to use a double monitor environment even on a business trip. People who feel that the screen of the laptop is usually cramped is a product of need check.

This product isGIGAZINE summer gift articleYou can also get from.

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