Google's new office landscape that draws on creative worker Various summary

The 5-story new office Google built in Toronto, Canada, has become quite Google atmosphere again and it is quite different from the office landscape that is common in Japan.

Google открыла новый офис в Торонто (10 фото) - SuperCoolPics

Neon's Google logo

Droid kun who can be said to be the Android mascot at reception

Google lounge free lunch is alive here, the kitchen team is having a meal while dining in the dining room

All you can eat dried fruits and nuts for free

Mini golf on the balcony is also possible

Kitchen covered with 0 and 1 binary code

Billiard table in the lounge

Music Room

Google Logo Mug Cup

A gym is also provided.

The atmosphere changes considerably when the country is different, and the London office in the UK opened in June 2012 has the following feeling.

Прогулка по лондонскому офису Google (25 фото) - SuperCoolPics

6 person table tennis table

Patriotic corridor designed British flag

Space for a nap

Room for raising circle concentration

Choice office chair like it

A seat for reading

Book freely and read OK

Chairs pursuing comfortable seating comfort

It is not a chair level

Scenery seen from the window


Conference room with colorful chairs

For some reason torture chairs

Recreation Room with Lawn Image

Google Green

Lots of greenery

A rest area in the immediate vicinity of the work place

Things necessary for work ......

In addition, GoogleConsider entry into mobile phone communication businessIt seems to be in the midst of doing, and the pleasure of advance is not likely to fit yet.

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