Demi grass sauce & cheese an additional graco "Demi cheese cruncho" newly appeared, so I ate it with McDonalds

McDonald's winter standard product "Graco"(290 to 330 yen tax included) also appeared this year on November 14 (Wednesday). It is characterized by the hokuhoku feel of cream croquettes with macaroni and shrimp, but this time we added "demo grass sauce" and cheddar cheese to this "gracoro"Demi cheese gruelo"(310 ~ 350 yen including tax) is newly introduced, I decided to go to eat these two warm menu quickly.

The classic winter gracoro appeared for a limited time again this year too! New product that melts with demiglas sauce and rich cheddar cheese is also "Gracoro" "Demi-cheese cruncho" Limited sale from Wednesday, November 14

Gracoro appealing extensively in posters.

So I bought it immediately. The left is Demichasezukurakoro, the right is the Gracoro.

Looking out from the wrapping paper it looks something like this. The left demi-cheese cracker covers the croquette firmly by the cheddar cheese, and the demiglace sauce which looked like a chillier invites appetite.

Firstly from the Gracoro.

Gratin croquette with sauce in it. Initially "Gratin Croquette BurgerAlthough it was called, "Gracoro" which was supposed to be common name now is official name.

Below that are cabbage and plenty of mayonnaise.

I will get it. Fragrant gratin has a good aroma and taste is creamy and eat together with the clothes of rash crackers. Shrimp is also content that you can enjoy the chewiness of the ingredients with prepuri. Eating it with a hot drink in the cold season is even better. There are voices that we want you to sell for the whole year, but because there is deliciousness in this season, it is convinced that the term is limited.

This is Demi-Chez-Grigoro.

There is a cheddar cheese size enough to cover the croquette, and on top of it is a demiglas sauce.

There are plenty of demiglace sauce on the side of the buns, and vegetables such as engraved onion can also be confirmed.

Gratin croquette under cheddar cheese.

And at the bottom is cabbage and Mayo sauce as well as graco.

Gratin croquette and demiglas sauce, I am looking forward to seeing compatibility with cheese.

Because it has a demiglace sauce, it is slightly more than the graco, but the taste changed to a feeling that it was dense and bad. The taste of cheese was not felt so much, and it was cold so warmly gratin croquette was on, but I felt it was a sacrifice of the mouthfeel as fawn. People who like a gracious creamy creamy and hot food texture are likely to be avoided, but maybe you can try people saying "I want a taste with a bit more punch than that taste."

The sales period of "Gracoro" "Demichasezukuroro" is scheduled to be scheduled from Wednesday, November 14, 2012 to mid December.

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